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The Week I’ve Had (3rd April 2011)

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So here’s how I spent my week off work:

  • Edinburgh with Kirsten.
  • A killer yoga class. Ouch!
  • But it was made less painful by the coffee and cakes which I enjoyed with Sue afterwards.
  • An unplanned pub dinner with Steve.
  • Coming second last in the pub quiz for the fourth week running. We know our place!
  • Paying sooooooo many bills.
  • Roping Steve into helping clean the kitchen. Here he is emptying out the booze shelf: Such joy!
  • An unplanned Beautiful Mountain lunch with Steve.
  • Never Let Me Go.
  • A pub dinner with Kirsty.
  • Hairspray at the theatre complete with strawberry ice cream, the cast being rushed off the stage unexpectedly and Micky Dolenz having a laughing fit.
  • Tea and cakes with Karen.
  • My final beginners’ sewing class. Here are the cushion cover and skirt I made: The skirt is not a style I would have chosen but I’m so pleased with how well it turned out and I’m much more confident with my machine now. I’m probably going to sign up for the advanced class, too, as it teaches us how to use patterns.
    (oh, yeah, and picture credit to Steve)
  • Celebrating Sue’s birthday.
  • Admiring Steve’s increasingly pretty cactus baby.
  • Stocking up on DVDs.
  • Traipsing all over town in search of a size eight drill bit.
  • An afternoon visit from a Simon seeking tea.
  • Wondering why my hand wouldn’t stop twitching for hours on Friday.
  • Baking white russian cupcakes with Steve. We had excess icing so we also topped some chocolate digestives.
  • Drinking improvised spiced pear mojitos.
  • Celebrating Elinor‘s birthday with a pub lunch which turned into a full day of nattering.
  • Dancing the night away.
  • Thinking about all of the above and buying a zumba game for the Wii. It has not come out of its packet yet.
  • Gearing up to hang a curtain rail with a very fuzzy head (and a drill)…

How has everybody else’s week been?


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