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8 Weeks: Healthy Eating

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Week three of Dani’s 8 Weeks to a Better Me project focuses on healthy eating.Eating properly is something that I’m not bad at. This is partly because Steve does most of the cooking and likes to cram as many vegetables as he can into every dish, but it’s also partly that I just like healthy stuff better. I rarely buy cakes, sweets or biscuits; I’ve never liked fizzy drinks and prefer mint tea to the caffeinated varieties; I can’t always finished restaurant portions because my stomach knows how full is enough (I tried to come up with some “belly half full” joke there but it wasn’t working – please pretend that I got funny for a moment).

So, three healthy eating goals? Um…

  1. Make sure to drink enough. I drink a lot at work but I get distracted and tend to forget at the weekend.
  2. Cut out the boredom eating. I snack a lot more on slow days at work than I do on my days off or when I’m rushed off my feet – I’m not really hungry; it’s just something to do while I wait for our web editor to load a page.
  3. I suppose I could pull my weight a little more in the kitchen… *sigh*

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