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About Me

  • I’m in my thirties. I swear this is a good thing. People’s twenties are so full of panic about getting big grown up things done on time; their thirties are much more laidback and accepting. I say so and this is my blog so it must be true.

  • I live with my lovely boyfriend, Steve. He is a tall, skinny, ginger geek. Swoon.

  • I write, web edit and design for voluntary, charity and community groups. This does not make me a Good Person as such, but it sounds really cool when I tell people.

  • Previous cool jobs include cinema projection and ghostwriting online articles about how to pick up chicks. Also, working in countless video shops.

  • I’ve had some less cool jobs, too, but we won’t dwell on those.

  • I have one sister, one brother-in-law, three stepsisters, one stepbrother and a teeny tiny little nephew with a mop of curly hair.

  • I never know where to say I come from because my family moved around a lot; I’ve been in Aberdeen since 1995, though, so I guess that makes it home.

  • I like hunting for vintage treasures, implying I’m more crafty than I am, going to the cinema, reading just about anything, kittens, having conversation piece messy curly hair, getting surprises through the post and brightly coloured flowers.

  • I also like garlic and mushrooms.

  • The only books I’ve ever given up on are The Fellowship of the Ring, A Room With a View and Twilight.

  • I can rant for hours about Twilight. Don’t give me the opportunity.

  • Films I do like include Last Night, Singin’ in the Rain, When Harry Met Sally and Mean Girls.

  • I can keep a secret but it pains me not to go around telling people that I’m doing so.

  • My slippers are shaped like tigers.


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  1. shoestringalley

    I totally agree about the being in your thirties thing. So much easier! A Room With A View is also one of the very, very few books I ever gave up on too…as for Twilight though, it’s so wrong it’s right!

  2. quickety-quick question…whereabouts in swell aberdeen do you go when looking for vintage treasures etc?
    just because i tend to find decent things in charity shops only on rare occasions these days…if you could point me in the right/better direction that would be grand 🙂
    ta! dom

    • Mostly the charity shops but I hardly ever find anything these days either. I like the Salvation Army one on John Street best, though (for the furniture warehouse out the back). I hear the Somebody Cares warehouse sale (last Saturday of the month in the morning) can be good so I’m planning to give that a try.

      • awesome…thanks!
        today i went on a bit of a road trip down the east coast towards dundee and went past a house/huge jumble yard just outside montrose….have never seen anything like it!
        it’s basically a farm/farmhouses crammed to the rafters with stuff, lots probably just junk, but some hidden gems too, particularly furniture!
        might be worth a visit if you haven’t already 🙂

        • I’ve heard about it but never been – some friends and I were talking about a road trip down there months ago so I might have to chase them up about it!


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