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A Rummage Through Edinburgh

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Yesterday, Kirsten and I met up in Edinburgh for a good rummage through the vintage shops. I may have taken this as an excuse to go a little overboard with Photoshop filters…

We started by heading through the Gardens and over the hill to vintage central: The Grassmarket.

Kirsten’s first purchase was a skirt from Godiva. We loved the size label:We also stopped by the lovely Barnardo’s vintage shop but Armstrong’s was where we had the most fun – and it was so nice to be there on a weekday when we weren’t fighting through hordes of people!

I got a couple of belts and a headscarf with parasols on it. Kirsten got the loveliest green hat.

We stopped for cakes and hot drinks at Hula on West Bow. Hot chocolate with honey and cinnamon in it? Yes, please!I love this one – me taking photos and Kirsten checking in on Foursquare; sums up our day pretty well!

We made our way round a couple of other shops including Analogue Books which is a fab shop with the best old sign above the door:Some more pics from our wanders:

We stopped off for dinner at Tiles on St Andrew Square:

There was also tea and pear tart at the lovely Centotre. I was too busy enjoying the food to take pictures but wanted to rave about the remixed Italian language tapes being played in the toilets – genius.

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  1. Looks like a fabulous day out, Sarah.

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