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Neglected Projects Update

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So, at the start of the festive break I made a list of all the projects and repair jobs which I had been failing to get around to doing in the hope that I would get some (but definitely not all) of them crossed off before returning to work. In the end, I got quite a lot of the little ones done, but didn’t make a dent into the big projects or the crafty things… I have a good excuse, though, and if you skip to the last item on the last list you will find out what it is!

  • Adjust the various dresses in my wardrobe which are waiting to be made wearable.
  • Spackle hairline cracks in the kitchen ceiling.
  • Sort the gap in the bedroom coving.
  • Clean up the replastering splatters from the living room ceiling.
  • Replace the manky bathroom carpet with something hair dye resistant.
  • Frame the assorted prints I’ve got lying around.
  • Hang Steve’s dinosaur garland.
  • Come up with some pretty way of covering up where the cooker hood used to be.
  • Adjust the wonky kitchen cupboard doors.
  • Decide what to do about the cracked lie in in the living room (replaster? somehow repair? cover with bumpy wallpaper?).
  • Paint the new strip of skirting board.
  • File away about six months’ worth of bills and official letters.
  • Create some artwork for the bathroom.
  • Find a solution to Steve’s mountains of Stuff.
  • Clear out my old T-shirts to either the charity shop, the bin or my scrap fabric box.
  • Do a blogroll.
  • Generally spruce up the blog.
  • Make some sort of print with Glow in the Dark paint.
  • Make curtains for the living room; possibly blinds for the kitchen.
  • Do a post involving the first photo I ever took.
  • Repair my two favourite work dresses, both of which have split on the left side.
  • Touch up the paint under the new windowsills.
  • Turn vintage suitcase into a coffee table.
  • Do something with the enormous canvas I’ve had lying around for months on end, thanks to a brief and crazy idea that a huge painting could be the solution to the cracked lie in dilemma (donating to it to Simon).
  • Replace the seal around the bath.
  • Tighten the buttons on my winter jacket, all of which are one big dinner away from bursting off.
  • Replace fusty linings in two vintage display cases.
  • Get the doorbell fixed.

Also, I forgot about these:

  • Change address for Premium Bonds.
  • Switch back to Pay as You Go.
  • Send window invoice and receipts to the heritage folk so they’ll pay me my grant!
  • Generally touch up iffy paint jobs around the flat.

And these ones took me by surprise:

  • Replace kitchen light fitting when the old one makes a loud popping noise, blows a fuse and one of the bulbs appears to melt.
  • Order photo prints for exhibition and create a hell of a lot of illustrations in a hurry!
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