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The Week I’ve Had (23rd January 2011)

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A busy few weeks have caught up with me; I was shattered at work on Monday. Luckily, I had a gingerbread man and a nice cup of tea to get me through it.

It’s been a chilly but otherwise lovely week – bright blue skies; little fluffy clouds; gorgeous sunsets. This is Wednesday’s, taken through the window at work (hence the pale line across it – darn reflections!).

I first saw these illustrated scaffolding covers in Edinburgh a year or so ago – I love them! This one’s over an old theatre in Aberdeen which is finally being restored after decades of sitting empty.

I spotted this heart on the way to work on Friday. I know it’s from one of those pairs of jeans which anyone who’s hit puberty can’t get past their ankles, but by itself I found it quite distressing.

On Saturday, Lola and I went to a crochet, knitting and sewing class at The Life Craft in Glasgow which was heaps of fun – crochet is my new [temporary] favourite craft. There are at least two posts’ worth of Glasgow/travelling photos to share with you this coming week but, in the meantime, here are our winter woollies on the train and Lola hard at work:

And today, The Green Hornet and veggie haggis. Happy Sunday everyone!

October Sunset

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I do love a rooftop sunset shot (especially when it’s the first time in weeks that there’s been a sun to set).

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