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Life on the Refrigerator Door

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I’ve got it in my head that “they” always say you can read someone’s life by looking at the things stuck to their refrigerator door. Possibly I made that up. Or misquoted. Or stole it from a advert for detergents or triangular cheese or something. Certainly, when I googled it all I got was links to this book, which I can’t decide if I want to read or not – is it going to be irritatingly gimmicky, completely sappy or actually worth £4.32 of my money? Has anybody read it?

Anyway, as I was saying: I’ve got it in my head that refrigerator doors are interesting. So I decided to show you mine.

What I can tell from this is that it’s a while since I last had any personal photos printed.

What can you tell by looking at it?

And would you like to show me yours? I’d love to take a look!

The Week I’ve Had (21 Nov 2010)

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This week’s post has been set to auto-publish itself while I’m in Edinburgh – expect more pictures on my return!

On Monday, I received a parcel full of mini prints; alas, they were too late for their intended purpose but they’re so shiny and tiny and cute I’m sure I’ll find another use for them! 

My workplace has been getting painted this week which has meant chaos in the office – furniture all over the place and mountains of paperwork blocking access to my Emergency Sweetie Drawer.

I missed the worst of it, though, as I ended up going home sick on Wednesday and staying off Thursday/Friday. I can’t believe how spectacularly ill I was, nor how much I slept. I had to miss Simon‘s exhibition launch because of it, but at least it had more or less cleared up by the time I had to catch my train on Saturday morning!

On another note, remember the woolly hats from last week? This is where they ended up:

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