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Lola’s Party, Cellar 35

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Saturday night was Lola‘s birthday party at Cellar 35 on Rosemount Viaduct.

Having always had to compete with Christmas for festive attention, she had never made a fuss of her birthday before; this year, a few of her friends talked her into having a proper celebration – and it turned out to be a wonderful night!

Here I am with the birthday girl:

It was a snowy night, so we were all glammed up in kneehigh boots and wellies:

Sue made cute little lactose-free cupcakes:

And Lola went snap happy with her camera:

The venue is this tiny little basement, kitted out like a bohemian slacker’s living room. Here are a few shots I took on the night:

And one from Steve:


The Week I’ve Had (5 Dec 2010)

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Good ways to start the week do not include getting a paper cut on your tongue! That’ll teach me to buy cheap ass envelopes instead of those ones that self seal.

Except it probably won’t.

On the bright side, the envelope licking was the result of throwing together a new home card for my cousin and her husband as I rushed out the door on Monday morning, which made me feel nicely productive.

The weather hadn’t improved any since last week, so we all ended up getting sent home about three o’clock on Monday. This was welcome news as we were getting quite distressed watching the poor starlings (? I think? It was hard to tell in the snow!) flying about, trying to find somewhere warm to roost.

Tuesday was the last day of Movember; Steve’s quite pleased with his ‘tache so is planning to keep if for a little while. We took a commemorative picture anyway.

Never one to leave myself out when pictures are being taken, I demanded Steve take a snap of me, too.

On Wednesday, one of my all time favourite bands was playing in town: The Wedding Present. Some friends and I spent a fretful day tracking their progress across a snowbound Scotland online, but they were determined and no mere Forth Road Bridge closures could keep them from the show! Hurrah!

Support was from Ringo Deathstarr (right) who were new to all of us and awesome – a cross between The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine.

Here’s my friend Roddy, dressed for the snow in his Sonic Youth hat. So him.

And here’s The Wedding Present frontman David Gedge growling his way through Brassneck.  My friend Sue got her photo taken with him and couldn’t stop grinning!

In a fit of window-fitting-optimism, I took these pictures mid-week to remind me of why exactly I am spending/did spend So.Much.Money having the single glazing replaced. The view from out flat is lovely but completely blocked by condensation when it’s cold outside, and the windows which were in the flat when I bought it had almost rotted away on the outside. The replacements had to be wood-framed, slim-glazed sash and case (it’s a listed building) and cost an absolute fortune, but I’m hoping they’ll be worth every room-warming, view-enhancing penny!

Friday night was my staff Christmas do. Wine etc.

I had a fantastic Saturday, but that gets a post all to itself.

And today… there are an awful lot of windowfitters in the flat, making an awful lot of noise and carrying odd bits of rotten wood out the door… Ooh!

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