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Space Vampires One Page Mini Book

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On Monday, Alistair had 122 hits on his still relatively new but very entertaining blog, Pointless Ephemera; I was impressed and a little bit jealous as the most I’ve ever had in a day was 86.

Anyway, we got talking about the search terms people use to find our blogs. Many surfers stumble across his by searching for “space vampires”; most find mine by looking for “one page mini books”. We speculated what would happen if there was a post combining the two… and so I decided to create one.

So, here it is: The Space Vampires One Page Mini Book (keep scrolling to see all the pages the right way up!):

You remember how to print and fold a mini book, right? You can click on the image to view and print this one, if you like, but strictly for personal, non-commercial use only and remembering to credit me if you show or tell anyone else! Cheers!

But if you’d rather just read it easily on screen, here are the individual pages:

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