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Neglected Projects

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I am three days into an eleven day break from work. I don’t remember ever having had the full Christmas-New Year season off work before (maybe once when I worked at a university?) and was feeling both thrilled and overwhelmed by so much free time… Thinking perhaps I might put some of it to good use, I made a list of all the projects and repair jobs I’ve been failing to get around to for some or all of the past year:

  • Adjust the various dresses in my wardrobe which are waiting to be made wearable.
  • Spackle hairline cracks in the kitchen ceiling.
  • Sort the gap in the bedroom coving.
  • Clean up the replastering splatters from the living room ceiling.
  • Replace the manky bathroom carpet with something hair dye resistant.
  • Frame the assorted prints I’ve got lying around.
  • Hang Steve’s dinosaur garland.
  • Come up with some pretty way of covering up where the cooker hood used to be.
  • Adjust the wonky kitchen cupboard doors.
  • Decide what to do about the cracked lie in in the living room (replaster? somehow repair? cover with bumpy wallpaper?).
  • Paint the new strip of skirting board.
  • File away about six months’ worth of bills and official letters.
  • Create some artwork for the bathroom.
  • Find a solution to Steve’s mountains of Stuff.
  • Clear out my old T-shirts to either the charity shop, the bin or my scrap fabric box.
  • Do a blogroll.
  • Generally spruce up the blog.
  • Make some sort of print with Glow in the Dark paint.
  • Make curtains for the living room; possibly blinds for the kitchen.
  • Do a post involving the first photo I ever took.
  • Repair my two favourite work dresses, both of which have split on the left side.
  • Touch up the paint under the new windowsills.
  • Turn vintage suitcase into a coffee table.
  • Do something with the enormous canvas I’ve had lying around for months on end, thanks to a brief and crazy idea that a huge painting could be the solution to the cracked lie in dilemma.
  • Replace the seal around the bath.
  • Tighten the buttons on my winter jacket, all of which are one big dinner away from bursting off.

As my eleven days are rapidly filling up with plans and schemes and decent movies, there may not be much crossed off this list by January 5th, but it will be interesting to come back to it in a few months and see how much progress I’ve managed to make!

**edit: I forgot about replacing the fusty linings in our two vintage display cases and about getting the doorbell fixed**

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