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Walking Great Western Road

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Saturday was Lola‘s and my day trip to The Life Craft in Glasgow (highly recommended, by the way – it was lots of fun!). We had left ourselves plenty of time to get from the train station to the studio so we decided to walk and take the opportunity to snap more than a few photos.

Glasgow has some absolutely stunning buildings – a bizarre mixture of grand old sandstone mansions and ultramodern glass towers side by side throughout the city centre – but a lot of it is tired and tatty these days… and those are the bits I love best.


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Yes, that’s a man in a kilt.

No, I don’t know why.

Ever since I bought my flat, I’ve been a little obsessed with rundown old buildings. I had to have work done on the roof; now I look for slipped slates everywhere. I spent a fortune replacing rotten windowframes; now I look for signs of damage all around me.

This place in particular breaks my heart. Whenever I pass it – and the scary old men who drink inside it aren’t standing at the doorway, smoking and swearing – I stop and gaze at it mournfully. Look at all the slates cascading down the roof. Look at the crumbling windowframes and the cracked panes of glass. I know it would cost a fortune to repair, but I also know it’s such a beautiful old building in such an important location that the owners would be hard pushed not to get grant funding for the work. I wish they would.

When I was about nineteen, I attended a surprise Significant Birthday celebration for my then-boyfriend’s aunt in the function room upstairs. There were sandwiches with the crusts cut off, balloons, excitable children, and countless drunken uncles asking me when I was going to be made an honest woman of. My then-boyfriend and I snuck off a little before midnight to watch Fight Club at a cinema which has now turned into a gym. But former cinemas could be a whole post unto themselves…

In the mean time, for beautiful shots of rundown buildings, take a look at The Kingston Lounge. If I was wealthy, I would buy so many of these prints.

Creepy Faces in Windows

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