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The Week I’ve Had (19th Dec 2010)

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I love the way the light’s hitting Marischal College (the spiky, scaffolding-clad building).

On Wednesday, Steve took me out for a belated birthday dinner. Yeah, I can drag my birthday out for a fortnight when I really try. I think that’s it for this year, though…

Thursday, we had an open day at work:

The snow reappeared overnight. This little guy was waiting outside work when I got to the office on Friday morning:

And I took these trudging home from Lola’s superduper birthday party (pics to follow in a separate post) on Saturday:

Vintage Crockery Haul

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On my lunch hour today, I went to my favourite charity shop on the hunt for pretty vintage crockery for tomorrow night’s sparkly birthday party. It did not disappoint:

I’m particularly smitten with the bowl and serving dish filled with autumn leaves, but cupcakes in shiny gold paper cases will look lovely piled on the plate with green flowers.

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