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Look What I Got!

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Steve was fast asleep this morning and the mountain of dirty dishes was clattering and chinking in the kitchen, trying to get my attention; I donned my jacket and headed for the charity shops instead.

And look what I found!


I’ve been wanting a pair of battered brown binoculars for ages – there’s a great view from my flat and my grandfather’s old telescope is a bit too unwieldy. I was so pleased, I decided to take a heap of pictures of this one pair of binoculars from assorted different angles; it’s only now occuring to me that, for some of you, this might not make much of a blog post… but look at them! I struggle to believe that you’re not as excited as I am; I shall put a lack of comments down to envy. That’s it. There’s no more likely explanation.

And, because I don’t want to be selfish and keep all the fun for myself, here, I’ve even made it possible for you to see through them:

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