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Camera Obscura

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This weekend Steve and I were in Edinburgh. I love Edinburgh; usually, I take masses of photos of the gorgeous buildings and quirky details, but this time a combination of constant rain and my post-whatever-was-wrong-with-me-last-week-fatigue meant my camera rarely came out of my bag.

A couple of randoms:

This is the view of Edinburgh Castle from The Elephant House. This is the cafe where JK Rowling supposedly wrote the first Harry Potter novel; it’s the only place I’ve been where the toilet cubicle graffiti is consistently grammatically correct. It also does good shortbread:

One of the highlights of the trip was meeting up with my friend Jill who I don’t get to see nearly enough of. What with the lousy weather, we weren’t much in the mood for trudging around the shops, so we decided to go to Camera Obscura instead. So much fun! Well worth the £9.25 entry fee; we spent about an hour mucking about with all the displays and taking silly pictures:

This is the view from the roof of Camera Obscura:

Steve and I also met up with some of my family at the Royal Botanical Gardens. By that point I was sympathising with the great big cactus that would die as soon as it bloomed so I took exactly one picture. I intend to go back one day and take more, though; it’s a gorgeous place:

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