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Kam’s Birthday Blog Party

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Folks, head on over to Campfire Chic today to join in with Kam’s 25th birthday blog party! There will be fun new birthday/party themed posts on the hour every hour including one from meeeeeeeee at 7pm her time (so… er… 3 o’clock tomorrow morning hereabouts). Why not pop past for a look?

One for Lola

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Today is Lola‘s birthday!

I’ve known this girl less than a year but I think she’s ace. She sees the good in everyone (except sometimes herself!), was the first to construct a crown last weekend and never fails to cheer me up with her madcap stories.

She’s also a damn good photographer.

Here’s to a super awesome year for her!

Doubly Sweet Sixteen

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Sixteen was a big year for me.

For the first half of sixteen, I was at high school and I was unhappy. And not just because it was the nineties and that’s what all the arty kids were doing. I was unhappy because there was a real shortage of other unhappy arty kids around me; everybody else in my teeny tiny little town had the same blonde Rachel cut, a violin case and bright white trainers. None of them were actively unpleasant to me but I did not fit in.

But then the summer holidays came. I went to Germany on my own. I learnt the phrase “You’re baking small cakes”. I didn’t realise that when drunken boys with guitars asked if I loved anyone, they meant did I make love to anyone. One of them wrote a song for me. Despite me never loving him.

I came home to find that I had sailed through my Highers so, eager to avoid another year at high school, I called up Aberdeen University to ask about late applications/early admissions – and they offered me a place.

So the second half of sixteen was enormous. The second half of sixteen involved me leaving home, moving to a strange city where I knew nobody, starting my degree. It involved me making friends with Kirsty:

I’ve read a lot of Tweets and posts about what people would like to go back and tell their sixteen year old selves and over the last week – turning 32; turning 16 x 2; becoming twice her age – I’ve been giving it a lot of thought. And, honestly, I wouldn’t go back and tell my sixteen year old self anything of significance.

Oh, sure, there was no need for her to be in so much of a rush – it turns out 23 is not the end of all possibilities; the good stuff happens much later and very much at its own pace. And, yes, she could have chosen her degree and some of her boyfriends and a few of her skirts a little more carefully. And, of course, some of the painful times could have been avoided.

But without her mistakes, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Through her, I learnt that I can handle the hard times, that I need not avoid taking risks. I learnt to admit and correct my errors of judgement. I learnt to think more clearly, to be both nicer and stronger. I learnt that I alone am responsible for taking care of myself – my health, my money, my happiness – but that letting other people near me need not be a bad thing.

My sixteen year old self had the courage to make a huge change, to leave an unhappy place in her life and start completely afresh; I’m proud of her and a little bit inspired.

And, of course, if she hadn’t had the guts to move to the city which I now call home and start a whole new life, this might not be one of my oldest friends:

A Quick Note to Say:

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To everyone who has sent birthday wishes or been around to make my day so special.

The Week (of Birthdays) I’ve Had (12th Dec 2010)

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A random snap from Monday lunchtime.

This week, both my boyfriend, Steve, and I had birthdays. Steve’s was first and started with drinks in the Brewdog pub on Monday evening. Brewdog are a local artisan brewery producing some incredibly strong drinks; we were not the prettiest of sights by the time we stumbled home! Good thing we had both booked Tuesday – his actual birthday – off work!

How great is this vintage wrapping paper? I found it on Etsy about five months ago and have been hiding it away ever since. His birthday card was written in invisible ink (idea stolen from here) with the decoder pen wrapped up and buried in amongst his presents.

I felt like I should be spending the day making a fuss of him, but he seemed quite content to muck about on his Xbox instead! In the evening, we went out for dinner and then to a one off showing of Lemmy at the arthouse cinema. Steve’s a big Motorhead fan so the timing could not have been better!

Another random – this one from my walk to the dentist’s on Thursday.

And one from my walk home from work on Friday.

On Friday evening, we went to see Pendulum in concert. I was one of the few people paranoid enough to obey the No Cameras rule, but I did get a shot of Condensation Steve enjoying the bus journey home.

And today is my birthday!!! One of the downsides of having a birthday in December is that it’s almost impossible to get everybody together at one time to help you celebrate. One of the upsides of having a birthday in December is that you end up needing to have multiple celebrations so that everyone can be included!

Last night, a bunch of us were supposed to be going to a castle in the country to see a festive lightshow and magicians; alas, it was snowed off so we had a party at Steve’s and my flat instead, complete with regal attire and sparkly crowns. It gave me a good excuse to do some baking, too – Mars Bar crispies and Earl Grey cupcakes – yum!

And tonight, a few of us are going to the panto, which this year is Sleeping Beauty.

All in all, a wonderful week!


One for My Boyfriend:

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Happy Birthday Steve!

I guess this makes it my turn to make the tea. x

Birthday Wish List

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It’s one month yesterday until my birthday – squeeeeeeeeee! Both my sister and my boyfriend have been asking for up to date wish lists, so I thought I’d highlight a handful of things I like:

(click on the images to take you to the shops)

  • A new mobile phone. Yeah, I’m getting the expensive gift out of the way first. But, really, one I can obssess over my emails on and which doesn’t switch itself off at random times would be nice. I’m not getting my hopes up!!! 🙂
  • A complete letterpress alphabet. Yes, it’s a cliche.
    or a lovely little word…
  • Some of Tickette’s doodle jewellery. How cute?!
  • One of Theaterclouds’s boat prints. I love the hand shadow ones, too, mind you…
  • This cushion because there were scraps of this exact same fabric in my mum’s sewing box when I was little and I loved playing with them. Even if it does remind me a bit of Monopoly.
  • Another sewing book to never use, just because it’s retro:
  • Countless pretty vintage dresses and knick-knacks which I don’t know exist yet. Surprises make the best presents!
  • This print from Tea and Ceremony:
  • Too many books to mention, but with an emphasis on big, shiny hardbacks full of very pretty pictures and good ideas!
  • Swarms of kittens.
  • Another cup of tea.

First Birthday

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Happy first birthday to my one and only nephew, Jasper!

Here he is, looking both dapper and alert at his granny’s wedding last month.

And just to turn the topic back to me (*grins*), here’s an in-progress snap of the card I made him. My second ever craft knife creation so I’m quite pleased with it; it was finished off by erasing all the pencil marks and inserting a bright yellow background.

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