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Stone Circles

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Yesterday was a beautiful bright today so five of us piled into a car and headed into the countryside to find stone circles and standing stones.

We started by tracking down the stones at South Ley Lodge. Then we stumbled across what looked like a plain old farm goods shop, BA Stores, in the middle of nowhere. Once inside, we discovered that the top floor is a large toy shop full of plastic animals, mini tractors and a bizarre array of dragons and dinosaurs. Downstairs, there were two rooms full of Christmas decorations and Santa’s grotto scenery (which we probably weren’t supposed to be in given that the lights weren’t on, but which we found fascinating).

In the field behind the shop is the Breemie stone circle and mandala. These are modern reproductions but we decided to check them out anyway. Next we headed to the Balgorkar circle by Castle Fraser. The field it sits in was planted so we couldn’t get very close, but we did mill around amongst the trees for a while, seeing as we were there.

After lunch at the Garlogie Inn, we headed to Midmar Church where there is a stone circle within the graveyard. Of course, I was more taken by the gorgeous shade of blue which all the woodwork is painted. Pauline very kindly indulged me by standing against this door and then by taking some lovely pictures of Steve and me, including this one:

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