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The Week I’ve Had (9th January 2011)

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There was an incident with the manky old 80s light fitting in the kitchen melting, followed by a mad dash to B&Q for a replacement:

Tuesday was the last day of the holidays so Steve, some friends and I sought solace in a pub lunch.

The pub was Old Blackfriars which is a particular favourite – lots of quirky details and interesting history (though unfortunately it’s no longer explained on the back of the menu); proper pub food.

Other than that, it’s been a bit of a struggle this week getting back into work-dictated sleep patterns, ploughing through I Capture the Castle in time for my book group, and getting ready for my first exhibition… which opens TODAY!!! Expect many, many related pictures very soon! I could not be more excited!

The Week I’ve Had (2nd January 2011)

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Some pictures of my friends’ flat. I could take hundreds of photos in there – it’s full of vintage curios and comic book creations.

And a couple from dinner with Lola on Wednesday. We went to see Love and Other Drugs, which we both really liked:

Also this week, I read The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which I had been putting off for ages because I’m just not that keen on coming of age tales – when I was a teenager I thought I moaned more articulately; now I’m a grown up I’ve lost interest in whether or not people’s parents understand them. I loved it.

Friday, I did a few minor repairs and touch ups around the flat. More rewarding than making it clean for the new year.

And here’s a random non-Hogmanay-related one from Stonehaven, just because Elinor and I liked the building (though these days it’s a supermarket):

The Week I’ve Had (26th December 2010)

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There are so many pigeons on our roof. I love the purring noise they make while they’re settling down; it’s much simpler than getting and feeding and cleaning up after a cat, listening to them perched up there. But they’re terrified of humans; they flap away in a panic every time I go near a window.

These two were huddled on the stairwell windowsill when I headed back to work on Tuesday lunchtime. I knew they’d fly away the moment I took the first step down from my door and I wondered momentarily whether my boss would accept, “I can’t come back in; there are pigeons outside,” as a good excuse for staying home. I decided probably not.

On Wednesday, my Tea Swap parcel arrived. Yay! I feel quite bad about how little I sent in my own parcel now as this one was brimming with tea bags and little pouches of loose leaves (including gingerbread ones – mmm!) and a box of Make Us A Brew mint ‘n’ chilli and origami swans and paper stars and two handmade hairslides and loads of fabric with pretty teacups all over it. Wow! Thank you!

Here’s a picture of me wearing one of the hairslides. I think I need to talk to everybody with my head tipped at this angle from now on and some sort of portable makeshift Photoshop filter held in front of me!

I loved the sparkles of this icicle hanging basket.

On Thursday night, Steve and I went for dinner at some friends’ place. One – Bruce – is very insistent about the giving of Christmas presents; you may already know that I’m not big into Christmas, but I don’t mind an excuse to wrap things up prettily if a friend maintains it’s important!

Secondhand sheet music has been my wrapping paper of choice for much of this year, but the enormous jingle bells I found in a charity shop this week made the gifts extra festive.

One of the cats was very pleased to see Steve and immediately pounced on his back and started trying to wash his hair. The boys thought it might have been some sort of fellow-ginger bonding ritual.

Bauble on a desk at work; we closed up on Friday lunchtime for a week and a half.

<self congratulation> Our friend Martin was working Christmas Day (he’s a student-cum-barman) so couldn’t go home; he came round to ours for lunch instead and was presented with a card we had devised and I had made whilst tipsy the night before. It’s a Schrodinger’s Cat reference (because he goes on about that darned cat a lot) – the tag on the outside reads, “A present is put in a box. The box is wrapped. How can you tell the present is still awesome?”; the inside reads, “You can’t. You’d better open it and check!”</self congratulation>

I was thrilled with my Secret Santa gifts. I was excited to recognise Kayleigh Bluck‘s name on the return address, and the tote bag and magnet inside did not disappoint!

Steve also did well presentswise; these are all the ribbons I removed (in preparation for recycling, not out of my general Grinchy bah humbugness) from the wrapping paper his parents had used…

And today: the traditional Boxing Day “Wii ‘n’ Toastii” session at our friends’ flat.

The Week I’ve Had (19th Dec 2010)

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I love the way the light’s hitting Marischal College (the spiky, scaffolding-clad building).

On Wednesday, Steve took me out for a belated birthday dinner. Yeah, I can drag my birthday out for a fortnight when I really try. I think that’s it for this year, though…

Thursday, we had an open day at work:

The snow reappeared overnight. This little guy was waiting outside work when I got to the office on Friday morning:

And I took these trudging home from Lola’s superduper birthday party (pics to follow in a separate post) on Saturday:

The Week (of Birthdays) I’ve Had (12th Dec 2010)

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A random snap from Monday lunchtime.

This week, both my boyfriend, Steve, and I had birthdays. Steve’s was first and started with drinks in the Brewdog pub on Monday evening. Brewdog are a local artisan brewery producing some incredibly strong drinks; we were not the prettiest of sights by the time we stumbled home! Good thing we had both booked Tuesday – his actual birthday – off work!

How great is this vintage wrapping paper? I found it on Etsy about five months ago and have been hiding it away ever since. His birthday card was written in invisible ink (idea stolen from here) with the decoder pen wrapped up and buried in amongst his presents.

I felt like I should be spending the day making a fuss of him, but he seemed quite content to muck about on his Xbox instead! In the evening, we went out for dinner and then to a one off showing of Lemmy at the arthouse cinema. Steve’s a big Motorhead fan so the timing could not have been better!

Another random – this one from my walk to the dentist’s on Thursday.

And one from my walk home from work on Friday.

On Friday evening, we went to see Pendulum in concert. I was one of the few people paranoid enough to obey the No Cameras rule, but I did get a shot of Condensation Steve enjoying the bus journey home.

And today is my birthday!!! One of the downsides of having a birthday in December is that it’s almost impossible to get everybody together at one time to help you celebrate. One of the upsides of having a birthday in December is that you end up needing to have multiple celebrations so that everyone can be included!

Last night, a bunch of us were supposed to be going to a castle in the country to see a festive lightshow and magicians; alas, it was snowed off so we had a party at Steve’s and my flat instead, complete with regal attire and sparkly crowns. It gave me a good excuse to do some baking, too – Mars Bar crispies and Earl Grey cupcakes – yum!

And tonight, a few of us are going to the panto, which this year is Sleeping Beauty.

All in all, a wonderful week!


The Week I’ve Had (5 Dec 2010)

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Good ways to start the week do not include getting a paper cut on your tongue! That’ll teach me to buy cheap ass envelopes instead of those ones that self seal.

Except it probably won’t.

On the bright side, the envelope licking was the result of throwing together a new home card for my cousin and her husband as I rushed out the door on Monday morning, which made me feel nicely productive.

The weather hadn’t improved any since last week, so we all ended up getting sent home about three o’clock on Monday. This was welcome news as we were getting quite distressed watching the poor starlings (? I think? It was hard to tell in the snow!) flying about, trying to find somewhere warm to roost.

Tuesday was the last day of Movember; Steve’s quite pleased with his ‘tache so is planning to keep if for a little while. We took a commemorative picture anyway.

Never one to leave myself out when pictures are being taken, I demanded Steve take a snap of me, too.

On Wednesday, one of my all time favourite bands was playing in town: The Wedding Present. Some friends and I spent a fretful day tracking their progress across a snowbound Scotland online, but they were determined and no mere Forth Road Bridge closures could keep them from the show! Hurrah!

Support was from Ringo Deathstarr (right) who were new to all of us and awesome – a cross between The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine.

Here’s my friend Roddy, dressed for the snow in his Sonic Youth hat. So him.

And here’s The Wedding Present frontman David Gedge growling his way through Brassneck.  My friend Sue got her photo taken with him and couldn’t stop grinning!

In a fit of window-fitting-optimism, I took these pictures mid-week to remind me of why exactly I am spending/did spend So.Much.Money having the single glazing replaced. The view from out flat is lovely but completely blocked by condensation when it’s cold outside, and the windows which were in the flat when I bought it had almost rotted away on the outside. The replacements had to be wood-framed, slim-glazed sash and case (it’s a listed building) and cost an absolute fortune, but I’m hoping they’ll be worth every room-warming, view-enhancing penny!

Friday night was my staff Christmas do. Wine etc.

I had a fantastic Saturday, but that gets a post all to itself.

And today… there are an awful lot of windowfitters in the flat, making an awful lot of noise and carrying odd bits of rotten wood out the door… Ooh!

The Week I’ve Had (28 Nov 2010)

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Mother Nature does not take orders from asphalt.

Wednesday saw the first real snow of the winter. Lovely to look at, not so great to walk in… and ever so slightly alarming when you’re due to have new windows fitted in a matter of days. Scaffolding? Hazardous when icy? Are you sure…?

To distract myself from the bad weather, I started reading The Worst Date Ever by Jane Bussmann. It sounded like chick-lit but bore a recommendation from Jon Snow of all people (non-UK readers: he’s a silver fox newsreader with a fondness for lurid ties). He was not wrong! This is the first book in a long time that I haven’t felt the need to put down every other chapter so I could check whether anything more entertaining was happening on Facebook.

In between reading, I actually went in to work this week. These are some random snaps I took on my way back in on Thursday lunchtime – I think Marischal College (right) looks like a spaceship sticking out of the scaffolding like that, especially now that 500+ years’ worth of grime has been sandblasted off it and it’s back to its original silvery shades.

As for the orange berries, I just liked the vivid colours.

Thursday evening, I parcelled up a load of teabags and a tea cup photo for my partner in the Fancy Tea Swap 2010. I hope she likes them!

Friday was book group at Rhona’s flat (the location of these Starburst-coloured candles). This month we were reading This is Paradise!: My North Korean Childhood by Hyok Kang, the true story of a young boy growing up amidst and eventually escaping from poverty and famine in North Korea.

Today – much to my surprise given the gale force winds and thick layer of snow – six cheery window fitters arrived at 7am sharp. Unfortunately, the scaffolder who was supposed to be coming back to fit all the safety nets and handrails he forgot about last week (being beheaded by runaway roof slates could ruin somebody’s Christmas, apparently) did not show up, so at half past eight the cheery window fitters went away again and I was left with my condensation-soaked single glazing and rotten windowframes. *sigh*

The Week I’ve Had (21 Nov 2010)

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This week’s post has been set to auto-publish itself while I’m in Edinburgh – expect more pictures on my return!

On Monday, I received a parcel full of mini prints; alas, they were too late for their intended purpose but they’re so shiny and tiny and cute I’m sure I’ll find another use for them! 

My workplace has been getting painted this week which has meant chaos in the office – furniture all over the place and mountains of paperwork blocking access to my Emergency Sweetie Drawer.

I missed the worst of it, though, as I ended up going home sick on Wednesday and staying off Thursday/Friday. I can’t believe how spectacularly ill I was, nor how much I slept. I had to miss Simon‘s exhibition launch because of it, but at least it had more or less cleared up by the time I had to catch my train on Saturday morning!

On another note, remember the woolly hats from last week? This is where they ended up:

The Week I’ve Had (14 Nov 2010)

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By no means a comprehensive diary of my week, Sunday’s The Week I’ve Had posts are a collection of random images I’ve taken over the last seven days. Enjoy!

I’m very taken with the The Big Knit woolly hats on Innocent smoothies at the moment. And they’re even for a good cause, helping Britain’s older folk to stay warm in the winter. These three were Steve’s choice; he came home with them on Monday.

On Thursday, after several days of gale force wind and battering rain, the sun came out! I was only trying to get a shot of the lovely golden light outside my kitchen window when this flock of pigeons decided to beautify my picture. They’re welcome to coo on my roof any time.

I bought a pack of gingerbread penguins on Friday because I was amused by how angry “Mr Penguin” looked (“Mrs Penguin” was quite happy, listening to her bright pink headphones). The more of him Steve nibbled, the grumpier he seemed to become.

On Friday night, we sat back and watched Appleseed whilst drinking a mixture of Amaretto and mulled-apple-and-pear juice. It tasted like marzipan. Fiiiiiiiiiine.

Saturday, I did heaps of crafty stuff, followed by watching In Search of a Midnight Kiss which I’d bought on impulse and was surprised to find both Steve and I really liked. One for the Clerks and Before Sunrise fans.

We rounded the night off with a two hour Scrabble session, which I won by a mere eight points.

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