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Just Dropping By…

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…to let you know that Google Reader hasn’t updated its cache yet so if you’re subscribing to my new site using it’s going to direct you straight back here. Boo. But you can get around this by subscribing to manually or by clicking the “Subscribe in a Reader” button on my site and following the instructions. See you there!


Change of Address

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If you are seeing this, you follow my blog using the old WordPress URL. Please update your bookmark, reader, other RSS feed or memory to follow or

Looking forward to seeing you over on my shiny, minimalist new page!

Glasgow Randoms

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As promised yesterday, I’m back with all the random snaps from Lola‘s and my Glasgow vintage adventure.

It was drizzling when we got there so we took shelter in the old fashioned Bradford’s tea room and had toasted muffins. Yum!

From Isfahan to Stonehafan

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If you’re going to tell stories from the Arabian Nights, where better to do so than in a whitewashed basement, surrounded by Persian carpets?

On Friday evening, Grampian Association of Storytellers held an Eastern themed evening in the most perfect venue: this furniture and rug shop in Stonehaven.

Some friends and I went along and spent hours listening to mystical tales, drinking apple tea and chomping dates. And the venue was amazing. Check it out:Also, this is set into the outside wall of the shop; anybody know what it is?

8 Weeks: Exercise

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Week two of Dani’s summer goals project focuses on exercise. Eek.

I openly admit: I’ve never been a huge fan of physical exertion. I managed to talk my way out of two solid years of sports classes at school and I got away with it by being one of those sickeningly lucky women who never put on weight. I’m not one of those sickeningly lucky women any more.

A few years ago I realised I was going to have to start moderating my hot chocolate intake and working up the occasional sweat. It was a struggle – I’m neither competitive nor cooperative enough for team sports and I knew I couldn’t motivate myself to exercise alone unless I actually found it enjoyable. So: no point joining a gym.

I discovered yoga… but I also discovered that all the yoga classes I could get to would involve getting off the sofa in the evening and working out with a stuffed stomach. My attendance was somewhat haphazard.

I loved dancing… but twirling on a dodgy leg wasn’t the best of ideas.

I walked four and a half miles home from work every evening… it kept me thin but breathing in dual carriageway fumes for forty-five minutes a day didn’t do much for my health.

But now that I work close to home things have changed: firstly, I need to do some exercise – I can’t rely on long walks home to keep me trim; secondly, working in the city centre, I can get to lunchtime yoga classes – I’ve really got no excuse not to; thirdly, coincidentally, my dodgy leg has now been more or less sorted and I’ve got a boyfriend who will put himself through dance classes for me. Exercise is very much back on my agenda – and now that I’m doing more of it, I’m finding myself actually enjoying the endorphin rush. In fact, I’m enjoying it so much I’ve invested in some totally shattering exercise games for the Wii – and I’m loving them.

So, three exercise goals? Okay, let’s see:

  1. Exercise at least three times a week. Between classes and the Wii that’s a pretty modest target but I have crazy-busy weeks sometimes (like this one!) and I would rather feel proud when I exceed my goal than disillusioned when I just don’t have time to achieve it.
  2. Remember that I’m doing this to get fit not to get thin. Weighing in on the Wii seems like an easy way to track progress but, although I’m not as slim as I used to be, I’m still a healthy weight for my height – it really doesn’t matter how many pounds I gain or lose if my strength, stamina and general all-round health are on the up. So: no checking my weight. Instead, because I know me and I know I need something to prove… something… to myself, I’m going to make a little chart to track how often I’m exercising.
  3. This one’s only a little bit about me: play with Polly properly. She tolerates having me waggle a shoelace at her while I browse the internet with my other hand, but she prefers chasing bits of string from room to room to room and leaping over furniture. It will keep her fit but, also, it can’t do me any harm to be putting a little bit of effort into playing with her!


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Sunday went like this:

  • Making a camera case which can be used as either a cushioned pouch inside my handbag or carried by itself:

    I’m quite proud of it as I made it up as I went along. And the fabric is kind of awesome.
  • Wandering around the International Market with Steve and his parents:
  • Dinner at Rustico. It’s not Mother’s Day here in the UK but Steve treated his mum anyway.
  • Mucking about with camera settings:

    (picture of me by Steve)
  • And I’m talking about watching How to Lose Friends and Alienate People now (it’s on TV at nine) although Steve’s expressing doubts.

Not sure about this whole five day working week thing we’ve got starting tomorrow; I’ve been getting a little too used to bank holidays…


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Just a quick one for the Google Reader users out there…

Of the various readers I’ve given a go, Google’s is my favourite. It just is. It’s simple and reliable which is all I really need. But, for me, it has always had two flaws:

  1. It’s ever so plain and functional – some text, some pictures, no pretty backgrounds or buttons.
  2. Unless you click through to the actual blog, there’s nothing to tell the blogger that you’ve read what they’ve written and their stats look none the better for it (on bad blogging days, slowly increasing stats matter).

Well, yesterday, thanks to Red Boots, I found a solution to those flaws. Click here (or go to Settings > Reader Settings > Goodies) and drag the “Next” button into your bookmark bar. Now, instead of browsing through blogs in your Reader, you can keep clicking the next button and it will take you from blog to blog to blog, whilst marking the entries off as read. It’s more like browsing a magazine – you get to see the lovely layouts; meanwhile, the bloggers get to know you were there. Problems solved.

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