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Creepy Mannequin Party

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Today I was at an event in a gorgeous old museumy building (I’m being non-specific on purpose here, I’m afraid). The very nice lady who oversees the events there let me up onto the disused wooden balcony to take photos and what should I find but a heap of creepy, battered old mannequins lounging around up there?! She kindly let me take a few pictures of them – enjoy/shudder!

Lola’s Party, Cellar 35

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Saturday night was Lola‘s birthday party at Cellar 35 on Rosemount Viaduct.

Having always had to compete with Christmas for festive attention, she had never made a fuss of her birthday before; this year, a few of her friends talked her into having a proper celebration – and it turned out to be a wonderful night!

Here I am with the birthday girl:

It was a snowy night, so we were all glammed up in kneehigh boots and wellies:

Sue made cute little lactose-free cupcakes:

And Lola went snap happy with her camera:

The venue is this tiny little basement, kitted out like a bohemian slacker’s living room. Here are a few shots I took on the night:

And one from Steve:


Print a Prezzie

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I had the best time on Saturday; I was learning to screenprint at Peacock Visual Arts!

Here’s my highly technical, completely expert, screenprinting for beginners how to:

1. Create your image. Do this by drawing or painting on this weird acetate sheet (it’s somewhere between tracing paper and cling film) or by sticking shapes to the sheet. Christmas confetti was popular in our class, but one student made a really cute bag using a chain of paper girls she cut out herself:

2. Put some kind of blue goo on a screen. Alternatively, sign up for a one day class and there’s a good chance your teacher will have done this for you.

3. Put your design against this screen then blast it with UV light. Wherever the light can’t get through (your pencil marks/paint strokes/paperchain), the goo will burn/disintegrate and can be washed off to leave a lovely smooth, detailed stencil:

4. Put paper, card, fabric or whatever else you’re printing onto under the stencil, then squeegee paint over it:

5. Allow to dry:

6. Congratulations! You have a screenprinted item. That was totally thorough enough for you to work from… right?

I’m very pleased with this tote bag (left) which I printed using handcut snowflakes.

The class was called Print a Prezzie and some of the other students and I were expecting just that: to print a prezzie. In fact, I came home with this bag, six prints, ten gift tags, eight thank you cards and a sheet of gift wrap that the teacher had made to inspire us. Alas, I can’t show you the other items as it would spoil a few birthday, Christmas and Secret Santa surprises, but I was thrilled to bits with my haul.

Anyway, art lesson over.

This was the first time I had been up to the printing room at Peacock and I was fascinated.  I thought I’d show you some of the snaps I took on the day:

And, finally, I took this on my way home:

Where I’ve Been…

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Yesterday, Motorhead at an enormous conference centre:

Today, working at a 1920s ballroom:

The combination of late night/early morning has left me knackered so tonight I’m not straying far from the sofa. Season 5 of How I Met Your Mother arrived in today’s post so I think I’m all set for a cosy night in!

The Beach Ballroom

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So, one of the things I’ve been ridiculously busy with this week was last night’s Bowling for Soup gig. The support were The Dollyrots (fun!), A (retro!) and Forever the Sickest Kids (Oh. Right.).

More importantly, though, the gig was at The Beach Ballroom. So pretty!

I’m going to try to sneak a few well lit shots in a few weeks’ time when I’m working a conference there, but in the mean time, here are a handful of snaps from last night:

I had to share this carpet – amazing!

Sweet mirrors!

A Few of My Favourite Things, 9th Oct 2010

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Last night, I was craving curry for dinner so Steve (my boyfriend) and I went to the Indian takeaway round the corner. They’ve got these lights all round the windows, all year round, and they always make me smile.

Today, I had to nip out to run various errands; here are a couple of my favourite hidden treasures from around town:

Not much of a picture, but I love that the marriage stone was left uncovered when they converted this building.

I love this gate. They’re doing an awful lot of demolition and building work down the harbour at the moment, removing old fish factories and putting up office blocks; I’m so glad that this has been left in place.


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The Wild Boar has had its gorgeous old ceilings uncovered at last.

The Basement

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Today I had the chance to explore the creepy, cavernous basement of the building where I work.

These pictures will also be my Super Awesome project for this week. Super Awesome is a weekly blog project which my friend Lola and I started a few months ago to get us taking more photos.

Starting Point

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Starting to: wonder what more I can do with my photography than cover my friends’ Facebook feeds in snapshots.

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