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8 Weeks: Healthy Eating

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Week three of Dani’s 8 Weeks to a Better Me project focuses on healthy eating.Eating properly is something that I’m not bad at. This is partly because Steve does most of the cooking and likes to cram as many vegetables as he can into every dish, but it’s also partly that I just like healthy stuff better. I rarely buy cakes, sweets or biscuits; I’ve never liked fizzy drinks and prefer mint tea to the caffeinated varieties; I can’t always finished restaurant portions because my stomach knows how full is enough (I tried to come up with some “belly half full” joke there but it wasn’t working – please pretend that I got funny for a moment).

So, three healthy eating goals? Um…

  1. Make sure to drink enough. I drink a lot at work but I get distracted and tend to forget at the weekend.
  2. Cut out the boredom eating. I snack a lot more on slow days at work than I do on my days off or when I’m rushed off my feet – I’m not really hungry; it’s just something to do while I wait for our web editor to load a page.
  3. I suppose I could pull my weight a little more in the kitchen… *sigh*

8 Weeks: Blogging

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When Dani at Sometimes Sweet first started dropping hints about this project I had my doubts: spending my summer setting and achieving goals? Please! It’s enough of a challenge deciding whether to risk bare legs each morning, never mind writing a novel and climbing a mountain. But now that the introductory post is up I’ve got to admit: I’m intrigued.

Starting today (well, yesterday, depending on your time zone) and for the next seven Sunday-Mondays, Dani and her guest blogger(s) will be introducing a new topic each week and encouraging participants to set themselves three related goals. Sounds manageable, right? Three small goals to achieve in a week? And possibly three good new habits formed by the end of it?

Great. Only… I’m finding it a real challenge. And I’ve been thinking about why. I thought it was that I’m not very goal-oriented (true) or that I find self-imposed deadlines easy to ignore (true) or that my weeks tend to be busy and unpredictable (true about half of the time)… but I think it’s just that I’m very protective of my free time. The thought of being required to do (or not do) anything else with my evenings and weekends is stressing me out. It’s a by-product of working in cinemas, I think, when evenings off were short, short notice and never on the same days as the people who mattered the most to me; a whole weekend without working was not to be wasted on practical things.

Setting myself three goals each week seems like a recipe for self-recrimination.

But I love the idea of thinking about one key area each week and how I would like to improve my approach to it. So I’m going to play along in my own little way.

This week, the topic Dani has set is:I blog for pretty clear reasons and they are:

  • Because taking photos fills me with joy. Blogging gives me a reason to keep taking pictures and a place for me to put the finished images.
  • Because it gives me a reason to look for bright sides. I believe the more you look for positives, the more positive you become; my blog is by and large a happy place and I’ve been a happier person since starting it.
  • Because – while I don’t need outside approval, while I love my friends in Aberdeen – blogging makes the world seem like a friendlier place; there are so many people out there talking about things I find interesting and, while I am by no means reaching Dani’s level of recognition (I have a whopping one follower on Blog Lovin’ – hello out there, whoever you are!), I like to think that sometimes people stumble across my blog and recognise something in me.

So what else do I want to achieve with my blog? Well…

  • I want to write more. I post heaps of photos but the text is often minimal. I used to write a weekly “column” style blog (this may have been about the time I discovered Sex and the City); it was fairly popular and lots of fun for me, but I’m out of that writing routine.
  • I want to spruce it up a bit. I always want to spruce it up a bit and am a bit frustrated with not being able to edit the CSS or use things like Friend Connect in But I don’t want to pay for a personal blog. So: any hosting recommendations, anyone?
  • And finally… do you know, this is difficult. I’m not looking to turn my blog into a business or a source of income; it’s just a bit of fun and I’m not convinced it needs rigid goals. So: I don’t want my blog to turn into a burden. I am happy having one regular post per week; anything over and above that I do just for the love of it.
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