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The Torcher Parade 2011

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Last night, Kirsty, Steve and I went to watch the Torcher Parade, an enormous annual charity event which is run by local students.

The parade starts at half seven right by Steve’s and my flat and ends roughly two hours later… right by Steve’s and my flat… so we got to watch the floats setting off on their journey around the city centre and returning with burning torches after dark.

Of course, I took loads of photos; I’ve chosen my favourite 45 (*cough*) but I heard a rumour than not everyone wants to go scrolling through tons of images so if you would like to see the full set please click the link. I swear at least three of them are worth the bandwidth! Read the rest of this entry

The People’s Piano

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Today, Steve, Alistair, Elinor and I headed to The Breadmaker for yummy sandwiches and enormous cakes. On our walk back into town, we spotted some guy playing a brightly painted piano on the other side of the street; on closer inspection, it turned out to be a travelling “People’s Piano” for anyone to muck about on. Which obviously – despite knowing how to play a total of one four line ditty between the four of us – we did.

(photo of me by Alistair)

Monday Walk

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This morning, I took a donder past Lola’s house so I could shove a bunch of books about conserving paper through her letterbox (I can’t explain; I was just the delivery girl). She lives right on the edge of the Aberdeen University campus; it’s one of the prettiest parts of town and I should have taken some time to wander around taking pictures of the spring flowers and the ancient buildings. But I didn’t. My legs were achey – either from doing twenty minutes of Wii Zumba yesterday or from spending most of the weekend curled in a weird position under the cat.  You decide.

I did take my camera with me, though, and got a few photos on my way there and back.

More Spying Out the Window

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Guess who got a new camera? Yeah! Me!

Borrowing the work camera last weekend was a chance to properly try out the Lumix FZ45 and decide if I wanted one; my great-aunt sent me exactly enough money to buy one two months ago and I’ve been holding off until I was sure it wasn’t just a passing fancy.

It wasn’t.

I love it. Between this and my trusty compact, I feel prepared for all visual occasions.Alas, it’s been a dreich kind of day, so I made do with a bit more windowsill-perching and spying on passers by. I’m constantly amazed by how unaware people are of me watching them, with or without my camera; I walk around gazing up at windows and the twiddly bits on buildings most of the time.

In the interests of not being completely creepy, I’m not photographing strangers’ faces – it seems unsporting when I’m not at ground level – but here are some pictures of the rest of them.

It’s Cherry Blossom Time Again!

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Taken on the way home from the Student Show last night. Who doesn’t love cherry blossom?

Sunday by the Sea

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Today has been beautiful and sunny so Steve and I ditched our vague plans for a pub lunch in favour of chips and ice cream by the seaside.We took a wander along the beach and found ourselves in Fittie, a pretty little former fishing village which is like no other part of Aberdeen. Even the old wooden outhouses are beautiful.

Out of the Window

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Today was not a day for leaving the house but I was keen to experiment with the work camera so Polly and I sat ourselves on the living room window sill and spied on passers by. I took heaps of photos just to see what the camera could do and how far it could focus but here are just three (plus the obligatory one of the cat):

Wednesday at Five

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After work on Wednesday, Lola and I wandered past the bingo hall, through the amusement park, along the beach to the cinema:

An Aimless Saturday

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I’m feeling a bit bad about neglecting my poor blog; it’s too used to all the attention I gave it in February so now it’s moping around, trailing its stats on the floor. To perk it up a bit, I thought I’d fill you all in on how Steve and I spent our Saturday.

After an unpromising so-hungover-I-couldn’t-open-a-parcel-I-knew-contained-a-cookbook start, the day and I eventually got our acts together late morning. Steve and I decided to go to Provost Skene House for lunch. We were greeted by a smiley pepper shaker:

The House is almost 500 years old and was almost torn down in the middle of the last century – luckily sense was seen and it was turned into a museum (with all sorts of intriguing details coming to light during the renovations).

Our plan was just to go the cafe – it’s pretty basic food but the room it’s in is fab with low, vaulted ceilings and a section of glass floor so you can peer down into the cellars. But then I realised Steve had never been around the museum and, as it’s small and we weren’t in a rush to get anywhere, we decided to have a wander around.

As I’ve said before, I feel uncomfortable taking photos in museums – partly, I just expect to get told off for it (despite signs on desks stating that it’s okay!); partly, I think most exhibits lose their impact in pictures. I know it’s not practical for everyone to get to Aberdeen to see things for themselves, but I do think this stuff is worth saving for real life.

On the other hand, I love taking pictures of old buildings, so here are just a couple from the inside:

After the museum, we nipped to a couple of shops to get picture frames, Pukka Three Mint teabags (my favourite) and a couple of other things. Then we carted about two months’ worth of recycling to the nearest supermarket and about two days’ worth of food back home. For once, I left my camera at home (too much other stuff to lug around) which is a shame as I kept seeing things I wanted to photograph. Next time…!

Then tea and cake before dinner--and the plan is to watch City Slickers this evening, which Steve has never seen.

Sunny Aberdeen

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Yesterday was lovely and sunny so Lola and I went for a wander around Aberdeen. We hunted down tiny alleyways for pretty little houses (if I can just figure out how to drive the current owners out and both get huge pay rises, I’ve found Steve’s and my future home), we wandered through the park, we trudged tiredly back down Union Street…

Here are a few pictures from our travels:

Side Streets of Aberdeen

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It was a bright but chilly day today; Steve and I headed into town on a fruitless hunt for birthday presents (any suggestions what to get for the mother who has everything and/or a very stylish and creative friend?!). Perhaps we would have been more successful if we could have faced fighting our way along the main road instead of sneaking around down side streets, staring up at the rooftops!

(picture of me as a GIANT by Steve)

Snowy Afternoon

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So, the snow’s back and we all got sent home from work this afternoon because of it. Even me. And I live less than five minutes walk away.

I took the meandering route back home…

The Week (of Birthdays) I’ve Had (12th Dec 2010)

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A random snap from Monday lunchtime.

This week, both my boyfriend, Steve, and I had birthdays. Steve’s was first and started with drinks in the Brewdog pub on Monday evening. Brewdog are a local artisan brewery producing some incredibly strong drinks; we were not the prettiest of sights by the time we stumbled home! Good thing we had both booked Tuesday – his actual birthday – off work!

How great is this vintage wrapping paper? I found it on Etsy about five months ago and have been hiding it away ever since. His birthday card was written in invisible ink (idea stolen from here) with the decoder pen wrapped up and buried in amongst his presents.

I felt like I should be spending the day making a fuss of him, but he seemed quite content to muck about on his Xbox instead! In the evening, we went out for dinner and then to a one off showing of Lemmy at the arthouse cinema. Steve’s a big Motorhead fan so the timing could not have been better!

Another random – this one from my walk to the dentist’s on Thursday.

And one from my walk home from work on Friday.

On Friday evening, we went to see Pendulum in concert. I was one of the few people paranoid enough to obey the No Cameras rule, but I did get a shot of Condensation Steve enjoying the bus journey home.

And today is my birthday!!! One of the downsides of having a birthday in December is that it’s almost impossible to get everybody together at one time to help you celebrate. One of the upsides of having a birthday in December is that you end up needing to have multiple celebrations so that everyone can be included!

Last night, a bunch of us were supposed to be going to a castle in the country to see a festive lightshow and magicians; alas, it was snowed off so we had a party at Steve’s and my flat instead, complete with regal attire and sparkly crowns. It gave me a good excuse to do some baking, too – Mars Bar crispies and Earl Grey cupcakes – yum!

And tonight, a few of us are going to the panto, which this year is Sleeping Beauty.

All in all, a wonderful week!



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Yes, that’s a man in a kilt.

No, I don’t know why.

Ever since I bought my flat, I’ve been a little obsessed with rundown old buildings. I had to have work done on the roof; now I look for slipped slates everywhere. I spent a fortune replacing rotten windowframes; now I look for signs of damage all around me.

This place in particular breaks my heart. Whenever I pass it – and the scary old men who drink inside it aren’t standing at the doorway, smoking and swearing – I stop and gaze at it mournfully. Look at all the slates cascading down the roof. Look at the crumbling windowframes and the cracked panes of glass. I know it would cost a fortune to repair, but I also know it’s such a beautiful old building in such an important location that the owners would be hard pushed not to get grant funding for the work. I wish they would.

When I was about nineteen, I attended a surprise Significant Birthday celebration for my then-boyfriend’s aunt in the function room upstairs. There were sandwiches with the crusts cut off, balloons, excitable children, and countless drunken uncles asking me when I was going to be made an honest woman of. My then-boyfriend and I snuck off a little before midnight to watch Fight Club at a cinema which has now turned into a gym. But former cinemas could be a whole post unto themselves…

In the mean time, for beautiful shots of rundown buildings, take a look at The Kingston Lounge. If I was wealthy, I would buy so many of these prints.

Bonus Sunday

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The original plan for today had been to sit in our flat, watching window fitters rip great big holes in it and feeling the icy gale force winds blast through it. But when that plan fell apart (see previous post), Steve and I decided to make the most of an unexpected day of freedom.

We slithered across the slush to Belmont Street:

This was the view from our table in the Wild Boar:

We got off quite lightly, having to postpone the window installation. We have friends who can’t get back to Aberdeen, can’t get out of Aberdeen, can’t get out of their homes in the country, in one case can’t get to their home in the country, and who are in the middle of trying to move house in this weather. The thick snow’s one thing, but the gale force winds are making it so much worse. It doesn’t look too bad in these pictures because this is the city centre and the worst of the snow has been trodden under foot, but (judging by our friends’ photos and stressed out Facebook updates) it’s properly deep a few streets over!

Luckily for us, we were in the warm pub enjoying lunch:

After lunch, we headed to Union Terrace to see if the International Market was actually on. We were not surprised to find that it was missing:

But that didn’t matter because we headed to the cinema instead and laughed our way through Megamind. Much more fun than noisy home improvements!


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A big welcome to anyone who’s found me through the lovely Sometimes Sweet!

For those of you who are currently going, “Eh?”: today, I’m giving a little blog tour of my home city over here. I’m thrilled to have my pictures included on Dani’s gorgeous blog, and especially excited to be involved this week as Dani has been introducing her brand new baby boy to the world! Pop on over and take a look around!

October Sunset

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I do love a rooftop sunset shot (especially when it’s the first time in weeks that there’s been a sun to set).

It’s Cold Out

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(cup of tea picture by Steve)

Remember when it seemed like a good idea to build children’s playparks out of concrete? No? Here’s a refresher:

Steve and I found ourselves up there because I wanted to take pictures of the view much more than I wanted to get to Asda to do the shopping:

And, just because I took it, here’s a random picture of shiny colours showing through a pint glass:

Happy Sunday Evening. Where did the weekend go?

A Few of My Favourite Things, 9th Oct 2010

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Last night, I was craving curry for dinner so Steve (my boyfriend) and I went to the Indian takeaway round the corner. They’ve got these lights all round the windows, all year round, and they always make me smile.

Today, I had to nip out to run various errands; here are a couple of my favourite hidden treasures from around town:

Not much of a picture, but I love that the marriage stone was left uncovered when they converted this building.

I love this gate. They’re doing an awful lot of demolition and building work down the harbour at the moment, removing old fish factories and putting up office blocks; I’m so glad that this has been left in place.

Me, Myself and I

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I thought now might be a good time to tell you a bit about myself. The purpose of this blog is to get me taking more photos, doing more crafts and seeing where I can go with them… but inevitably some personal stuff is going to creep into it, too.


I’m Sarah, I’m 31 and I live in the North-East of Scotland.

I work in communications in the third sector (that’s charities and community groups to people who don’t need to know local government terminology) and I love it. Sometimes I get to be very creative. Sometimes I don’t get to be creative at all but do get immediate, visible results. Sometimes I just get to talk to people who’re doing amazing good work because they’ve discovered a cause which really matters to them; they’re inspiring.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for just under two years. He works in IT and is a tall, skinny, ginger geek (my preferred type). Last month he moved in with me and it’s going great.

What else? I read a lot; I go to the cinema a lot; I’m training as a volunteer counsellor. I hardly watch TV but do blitz through DVD box sets. I never read horoscopes. I can’t control my hair.

Is there anything else I should be telling you…?

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