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The Week I’ve Had (15th May 2011)

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  • Getting a big haul of furry fabric remnants for £2.20.
  • Attending two events for work.
  • Feeling like my lips were on fire from Steve’s homemade chilli pizza! Yum!
  • Regretting telling my yoga teacher that I have really stiff hips; we spent an hour attempting to stretch our legs out at silly angles.
  • Not quite so crushing a pub quiz defeat as usual. I mean, we were still in the bottom three, but everyone else had such terrible scores this week that we weren’t trailing by much…
  • Being appalled by the characters in Something Borrowed. Lola and I ranted all the way back to my front door.
  • Watching Polly attempt to chase two shoelaces, her own tail and cram herself down the back of the armchair all at the same time. She fell on the floor twice.
  • Putting pyjamas on the moment I got home on Thursday – it was my one bit of free time this week and I did as little as I possibly could.
  • A crazy busy weekend – but more on that to follow in seperate posts! It has been (and promises to continue being) an awful lot of fun.

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