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The Week I’ve Had (8th May 2011)

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  • Finally watching Sunset Boulevard (and loving it).
  • Catching Polly and Steve’s Rancor having a Who’s Creepier? contest.
  • Doing actual routines on the Wii Zumba game instead of just tutorials. So… unfit… *collapses*
  • Hobbling out of my yoga class. So… unfit… *wobbles*
  • Remembering all the words to Everything About You by Ugly Kid Joe (and singing them at top volume at work).
  • Watching Water for Elephants.
  • Wanting an elephant of my own.
  • Not wanting to go to this party:
  • Just liking how the light was catching here:
  • Eating ice cream.
  • Wearing woolly gloves.
  • Voting.
  • Visiting friends who fed us lovely pumpkin enchiladas.
  • Seeing Robert the Bruce arrive in town on the back of a lorry.
  • An impromptu Friday night spent wining and dining and watching One Man Star Wars.
  • Taking Steve’s folks for Sunday dinner.

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  1. Ghost signs *and* Star Wars! Two of my favourite things in one post!


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