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Just a quick one for the Google Reader users out there…

Of the various readers I’ve given a go, Google’s is my favourite. It just is. It’s simple and reliable which is all I really need. But, for me, it has always had two flaws:

  1. It’s ever so plain and functional – some text, some pictures, no pretty backgrounds or buttons.
  2. Unless you click through to the actual blog, there’s nothing to tell the blogger that you’ve read what they’ve written and their stats look none the better for it (on bad blogging days, slowly increasing stats matter).

Well, yesterday, thanks to Red Boots, I found a solution to those flaws. Click here (or go to Settings > Reader Settings > Goodies) and drag the “Next” button into your bookmark bar. Now, instead of browsing through blogs in your Reader, you can keep clicking the next button and it will take you from blog to blog to blog, whilst marking the entries off as read. It’s more like browsing a magazine – you get to see the lovely layouts; meanwhile, the bloggers get to know you were there. Problems solved.

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  1. Oooh, thank you for posting about this! I am a terrible commenter because I am normally reading through my reader and thus less likely to click through.

    I like that you can be specific about which tag/folder you want to use it for!


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