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The Week I’ve Had (1st May 2011)

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  • Reading Tina Fey’s autobiography. I admire Tina Fey so much that I even got a little bit excited when she said she couldn’t drive – “Hey! Me, too! We could be such good friends!
  • Going back to lunchtime yoga classes after three weeks off. Aaaaaaaah, so nice to replace all the bad aches and pains with good ones!
  • Tuesday evening: exploding light bulbs; cat poop excitement; a thorough beating at the pub quiz. Oof.
  • Receiving this fab 1971 dress pattern creation kit. I don’t even care if I never use it.
  • Holding hands with the cat.
  • Chilli, wine and Strange Days.
  • Pay day! But every penny’s already allocated. Boo! Cheapo May it is, then.
  • Not needing to watch the Royal Wedding because my Facebook news feed was providing such comprehensive coverage (but still flicking it on now and then to check out the frocks).
  • Heading to the pub with girls from work.

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