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The Torcher Parade 2011

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Last night, Kirsty, Steve and I went to watch the Torcher Parade, an enormous annual charity event which is run by local students.

The parade starts at half seven right by Steve’s and my flat and ends roughly two hours later… right by Steve’s and my flat… so we got to watch the floats setting off on their journey around the city centre and returning with burning torches after dark.

Of course, I took loads of photos; I’ve chosen my favourite 45 (*cough*) but I heard a rumour than not everyone wants to go scrolling through tons of images so if you would like to see the full set please click the link. I swear at least three of them are worth the bandwidth!

Keep going – there are romance and flames!

As ever, if you want to use any of these pictures in your own blog, please drop me a line (sarahrooftops [at] to let me know, make sure I’m credited in your entry and that the image(s) link back here. My pictures may not be used for commercial purposes.

If you’ve spotted yourself in any of these and would like me to send you a copy, email me and I’ll send you the file (some of them are pretty huge, though, so let me know if your inbox has a maximum file size!).


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