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The Week I’ve Had (24th April 2011)

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  • Taking Steve to Wagamama for the first time. Here’s his jasmine flowering tea:
  • Helping Polly open her first ever bit of mail.
  • Admiring our new ornament.
    (I’ll calm down on the cat stuff soon – promise!)
  • Going to the theatre.
  • Finding our first dance class was cancelled so going for tapas and wine instead.
  • Getting to sit in a bookcase at the tapas place.
  • Putting my spare memory card in my camera and finding this:I remember taking it – it’s Steve and his globe – but I can’t remember why.
  • Celebrating Al and El‘s fifteenth anniversary of dating with a 90s night in the pub.
  • Trying (and failing) to stave off our hangovers with icy cold fruit drinks at Tinderbox.
  • Reading Room by Emma Donoghue which sounded worthy and irritating but was actually rather wonderful.

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  1. i saw a wabbit very similar to that on another blog today, just gotta remember where now. I like your weeks 🙂

  2. The jasmine tea is a lovely photo! (if a little creepy looking as well!) also I didn’t know they did jasmine tea… time for some next time I’m there I think!


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