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More Spying Out the Window

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Guess who got a new camera? Yeah! Me!

Borrowing the work camera last weekend was a chance to properly try out the Lumix FZ45 and decide if I wanted one; my great-aunt sent me exactly enough money to buy one two months ago and I’ve been holding off until I was sure it wasn’t just a passing fancy.

It wasn’t.

I love it. Between this and my trusty compact, I feel prepared for all visual occasions.Alas, it’s been a dreich kind of day, so I made do with a bit more windowsill-perching and spying on passers by. I’m constantly amazed by how unaware people are of me watching them, with or without my camera; I walk around gazing up at windows and the twiddly bits on buildings most of the time.

In the interests of not being completely creepy, I’m not photographing strangers’ faces – it seems unsporting when I’m not at ground level – but here are some pictures of the rest of them.

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  1. do you spy out of the window often? i love this thought. it’s such a good way to learn about those around you!


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