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The Week I’ve Had (17th April 2011)

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  • Lots of playing with Polly who has properly adopted us now. Lots of playing. Every chance she gets.
  • Finally finishing Fingersmith. By “finally” I mean it’s taken about two weeks which is forever in my reading world. I’m still not sure if I liked it or not.
  • Receiving two parcels of awesome fabric in one day. Parcels of awesome fabric are the way to go, aspiring gift givers (hint hint).
  • Coming third last in the pub quiz this week. Third last. Out of nine. *looks smug*
  • Having a stinking rotten day on Wednesday but getting home to find Steve had bought me gingerbread flavoured fake-Baileys. Yay!
  • Feeling a bit poorly but being looked after by the cat.
  • Loving the bright colours inside the photocopier at work.
  • Getting some fresh air on Friday lunchtime.
  • Finding boxes of sewing patterns in a charity shop. Alas, all but one were either hideous 80s styles or for children. But that one exception was worth it. One day I’ll be up to making a fitted, floaty blouse!
  • Benefiting from Steve’s latest cookbook purchase.
  • Enjoying a really quiet weekend to myself.

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