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Earlier today, I came across this post by Cassie at The Veda House and some of it struck a chord with me.

Now, I’m not bad at recognising my small successes – I’m always looking for an excuse to have a celebratory bakewell tart (“Yay! I put my tights on without twisting the legs back to front!”) – but what I’m not great at is motivating myself to make things.

If you’ve been stopping by here for a while, you’ll know that I like to think of myself as a wee bit crafty. I spend a lot of my working life designing things for other people. I sewed up a couple of items I’m proud of when I had a scheduled class to go to. I’ll chuck together a handmade card for about 25% of the birthdays my Google calendar reminds me about. But my head is full of plans of things to make… and very few of them ever get done. If there’s no deadline or timetable or obligation impelling me, I’m much more likely to waste my time on Facebook.

What Cassie mentions in her post is that making time to create things is just as important as making time for all the less fun stuff – if I can find twenty minutes to get the dishes washed, I can set aside twenty minutes to make… something, anything. Just to be getting that creative buzz.

Well, tonight was not a night when I could devote much time to crafting, but I did snatch a quarter of an hour to throw together something I’ve had in my head for a couple of days – a velcro-legged spider for the cat. Polly has a real thing for chewing velcro; she looks so pathetically hurt every time I tell her to stop chomping on the loop of velcro wrapped around my laptop cable – I thought I could make her something velcro-related she’s allowed to enjoy. So I did:I could point out everything that’s wrong with the spider – I chucked it together in minutes without a pattern and it’s by no means a quality piece of workmanship. But that’s not the point. The point is that I found the time to make it. I crossed it off my list. I was pleased with myself and Steve seemed fairly impressed.

Polly less so.

But she did give it a bit of a sniff and chew thoughtfully on one of its legs for a while.

I consider that to be a success.


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  1. I accept the challenge and will attempt to do more crafty things. (Plastic tank models count as crafty, right?)

  2. I can barely read your blog at the moment without wanting to cry with jealousy at your new little friend. She is so unbelievably cute! And I love the little spider idea – very inventive!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration kick up the butt. I have a huge cupboard FULL of stash which has bearly been touched in nearly a year. I find time to do lots of other things so now it’s time to craft.

  4. kudos for successfully making time to create the velcro-legged spider. i bet polly secretly loves it. 🙂

  5. wooooow i can totally relate! i just can’t motivate myself to make things sometimes, yet once i do, i love it!


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