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The Big Tidy Up: The Living Room

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And finally: the living room!That carpet is still not clean *sigh* however some things I love about our living room include: the big knitted blanket over the sofa which my mum made; that wooden box (it’s an old vacuum cleaner case) the lamp is sitting on which used to be my mum’s scrap fabric box and is now my one; the dresser which a friend and I spent weeks sanding and varnishing; and the multi-coloured chair which my sister and I painted after I scavenged it off the street.Steve’s computer corner is missing from these pictures because, well, mountains of Metal Hammer magazines are not that photogenic…

Some details:Prints by Zara Illustrates – I bought them because the camera-headed girl and the sci-fi brained ginger boy made me think of Steve and me. The cats were presents from workmates years and years and years ago when I was in hospital; the tankard has been in the family forever; the sneaking alien is Steve’s and makes him laugh.I love this mirror which I found in Matalan and decided to live on beans and toast for a week to buy; the butterflies are by Lily Greenwood; the birds are from Erin Jane Shop.Kirsty brought me the green elephant back from Sri Lanka; the suitcase I found in a charity shop and intended to turn into a table – I’ve since decided I like the wide open carpet area (and not having to shift a table every time I play on the Wii) so it’s just tucked away and full of fabric. I still think it looks pretty sat in this corner, though.

The robot clock I found in a charity shop; the rocket decal is by Holly.My grandparents brought me this mug back from Canada when I was little; the cat letter opener was a present from my mum; the rabbit planter I found in a charity shop for £3 and houses all of my buttons; the telescope (just seen) was my Grandad’s.

So there you go: that’s our home. Now who wants to show me theirs?

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  1. Lovely! I love how many things have a memory or story associated with them. Also, the camera headed girl print is just plain fantastic!

  2. I have been LOVING these posts! It’s so interesting to see what and how other people do with their living space.

    I think I will follow suit and show you mine – though it’s rented so nowhere near as creative as yours 🙂

    • Yay! I love looking at pictures of other people’s homes and seeing what they’ve done with them. I also sometimes look around my own home – especially if I’ve just made some change or other – and try to pretend I know nothing about me and figure out what I could tell about myself just by looking at my stuff.

  3. such a cute home!

  4. Love that birdcage mirror!

  5. When I finally move. I’m going to make you find all the pretty things to put in it x

  6. Love that Matalan mirror and the two prints it hangs with – so pretty!


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