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The Big Tidy Up: The Bedroom

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I love our bedroom. I love the mismatched wooden furniture. I love the bed jammed under the window. I love that it’s south facing and yellow so even on the most miserable mornings we wake up to a sunny, bright room (though these pictures were taken on a rainy, grey evening…).

Alas, it’s had a rough time, this bedroom. It started life painted peach. Peach?! Ugh. It had a beige 80s light fitting which didn’t even work (and whose light switch was hanging off the wall). Worst of all, it was the room which suddenly turned mouldy one stormy autumn week. Poor thing – it needed to be massively replastered and painted yellow for a second time. But it did teach me the fine art of wallpapering.

I’m on the hunt for nice underbed storage boxes!

This is the corner which had to be repaired. As the chimney has only just been repointed, I’ve only just got around to prettifying it:The globe nightlight is from Steve’s childhood; the love birds bag a present from Kirsten; the furniture was all found in charity shops. The S & S photo is my own; the You + Me print is by Niftysmith – it has the loveliest paint slodgy texture; the monster with his head in the clouds is by a local artist called Gabrielle Reith – I bought this from her at a craft fair and she was just as lovely as her artwork.Steve’s childhood Rancor watching over us as we sleep.I can’t pretend these chests of drawers don’t always have hair dryer and mobile phone charger wires all over them. The poppies painting was a present from my mum; the wooden box was a gift from my dad when I was very little (and very excited to have something lockable to hide secret things in). I love the First Aid box which has been passing back and forth between my sister and me since we were tiny; I also love the hand mirror which I found in a charity shop last year for 50p. Some of the other boxes are temporary measures until I find some prettier way of storing make up and jewellery.

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