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The Big Tidy Up: The Kitchen

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The kitchen: our dated 80s spaceship.

Perhaps the next person to own this flat will replaster the kitchen walls and replace the tired old units; I took the considerably cheaper painting everything metallic blue and replacing the hideous plastic door knobs approach instead. It’s the room I’m least happy with but it’s also the room I use the least so I feel no urgency about figuring out which bits are too cluttered and which too bare. In the mean time, we have just about enough storage, just about enough counter space and a dining table under the window which we do sometimes use.

Here are some details:We finally got around to hanging baskets inside the cupboard doors last week. Other than a couple of boxes of cereal, the top shelf of this cupboard is piled high with different types of tea. The rest of our hot drinks supplies are here:The Droste tin was a present from my friend Rowena years ago; the tray and jar were charity shop bargains.I don’t know where to start talking about all this! The kitchen kind of functions as one big notice board, but the bulk of that is here.

The red bird decals (of which there are three) are from Elephannie; everything on the fridge door has a story.

We gave the current bunting craze a Steve-friendly twist; not homemade, alas, but bought at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. The print is from Sweet Dee.

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  1. Really love the wee bird on the tiles, great idea. Who would have thought house pics so interesting, keep them coming. I love them 🙂

  2. You have a very nice inspiring site.

  3. Your kitchen is so cute and so big! I love your little touches!

    I know what you mean about plastering – it is so expensive, and if you can get away with not doing it then don’t! Unfortunately in our flat the previously residents got a bit too slap happy with the artex, and almost every room needs re-skimmed 😦 We are saving hard!!


    • Thank you! We had to get some of the sloped ceilings replastered because they were so cracked they were being held up by nothing but wallpaper; it cost about £350 per slope but that was nothing compared to the hassle of moving all the furniture and cleaning up all the dust which came pouring out of the attic! The kitchen is staying lumpy.


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