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Steve and I are on holiday for a week! Hurrah! We’re not going anywhere; it’s just a week of hanging out, catching up on a few things we need to do and relaxing on the sofa (probably working our way through season four of Mad Men which arrived this morning).

Anyway, my week is off to a good start as today Lola, Alistair, Elinor and I took a trip to the Somebody Cares warehouse sale. Somebody Cares is a local charity which provides free basic furniture to people who need it; anything which doesn’t fit the “basic furniture” bill gets sold off once a month to raise funds. What that means for us is warehouse crammed full of fab retro furniture, lamps, kitchen utensils, toys, fabrics, bags and so on, all for crazy low prices – it was wonderful.

I spent £8.60 and got all this:

Two huge pieces of good quality blue fabric and these pretty floral curtains which I bought to turn into clothing but which might actually just fit in our living room (and are exactly the right colours) – fingers crossed!A huge piece of this sheer, staticy, synthetic 60s fabric – I have no idea what I’m going to do with it but I couldn’t resist the poppies!Dressmaking pencils. I had been planning to spend a lot more than 50p on some this week!Hooks and eyes, which I had been needing to buy before this week’s sewing class anyway. I love the swirly vintage packaging – I bought these rather than a full, modern pack just because they were prettier.This embroidered brooch – cute!

I came away wishing I had a bigger/emptier home which I could fill with 50s style sideboards and hideously upholstered armchairs. *dreams*


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  1. Gosh I’ve never even heard of Somebody Cares & I’ve lived here for 12 years! Looks like you got some brilliant bargains

  2. OK this is seriously cool – I also can’t believe I haven’t heard of it! I love your little brooch and the polka dot fabric!

  3. I lived in Aberdeen for nearly 10 years and have never heard of that place. 50s style sideboards? I’m there the next time I’m up in Aberdeen!! And you got some really great stuff – that brooch is gorgeous!

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