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The Week I’ve Had (20th March 2011)

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  • Eye streaming migraine from lunchtime Sunday through to half past four on Monday.
  • Surviving on jelly and gingerbread men because that’s all I can eat when my head aches.
  • But, on the bright side: getting home to find that the plasterer had done the priming for us. Yay!
  • Obsessing over Sew Retro. One of these days, I’ll be on there I tell you.
  • Briefly considering a “What’s in my Bag?” style post but realising that instead of the traditional pretty notebook and brightly coloured iPod, mine would include:
    • A bus pass which expired in August.
    • A burst tube of lip salve.
    • The wrapper from a ball of wool.
    • A 70s badge stating, “Books Ahoy!”
    • A pamphlet about posh hotels.
  • Assuring a workmate, “It’s okay – it’s fine – don’t worry…” as I puffed up purple and she hurriedly washed off her perfume.
  • Being taken to Wagamama for the first time (thanks Lola!).
  • Watching No Strings Attached.
  • Wondering how to eat this weird marshmallow lollipop thing I got free from Starbucks. The answer: carefully.
  • Another migraine kicking in on Friday. So unimpressed with my body this week.
  • Steve buying me a book of crochet finger puppet patterns to make me feel better. Sweet!
  • Faffing around with a new blog layout.
  • This evening, we’re planning to see The Adjustment Bureau.

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