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The carpet has been cleaned (-ish), the walls have been painted and some of the furniture is back in place… but I’ve been feeling rotten all week so the big home blitz is still barely happening.

Not wanting to lose all momentum, I thought I’d share a few pictures of the one bit of the flat I don’t intend to touch this March: the hallway.

The hall was a really drab blue when I moved in – too bright to be calm; too dull to be vivid. I painted it red as part of last March’s clean up and love the result.

A few details:

One of my photos; a bag my mum gave me.

Print by Funnelcloud (a useful reminder on the way out the door); the ninja keychain was a present from one of my stepsisters.

The painting is by Simon Hepple and was a present from him to us at Christmas.

The Miss Sarah Stockings packet (complete with stockings inside) was found on eBay many many years ago; the people talking were a lovely gift from Zara Illustrates – it amused me to hang them next to the (working!) intercom.We have these chalkboard clouds and planes on the bathroom and front doors; they’re handy for shopping lists and notes to say where we’ve gone.

Well, I don’t seem to be big on the scintillating conversation thing today so I’m afraid that’s your lot. There are some bare shelves opposite me which might get a little attention but it’s more likely I’m going to curl up with a cup of mint tea and my Kindle. I hope you’re all having lovely weekends!

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