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The Week I’ve Had (13th March 2011)

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  • Taking Monday off work for practical, home-related reasons.
  • Chucking out loads of rubbish.
  • Finally finding the right sized pad for this Monopoly house cushion cover. Actually, I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be Monopoly houses but that’s what it makes me think of.
  • Buying a curtain rail. One of these days, we might even find ourselves with curtains.
  • Dragging furniture about.
  • Hanging prints.
  • Trailing around posh hotels for work (and wanting a weekend away as a result).
  • Smelling of yoga mat. Blech!
  • Coming eighth out of ten in a pub quiz. *looks proud*
  • Loving this post from Lara which reveals the truth about her unmade bed (and perfect life anxieties).
  • On a related note, I fancy this book.
  • Being hugely impressed by Steve’s homemade pizzas/jumbo bruschettas.
  • Being blinded by the sun on Thursday morning.
  • Joyfully sifting through fabric remants at the Creative Waste Exchange.
  • Freezing.
  • Assuming the plasterer was being melodramatic when he called to apologise about the carpet and to promise free professional cleaning. Getting home to discover he was not! Actually, it doesn’t look that bad in this picture but I can assure you it is (I can also assure you the wonky looking wall is just my photography; they’ve done a very good job – final skim on Monday).
  • Cleaning and cleaning and cleaning up 200 year old dust and soot. Note the exhausted vacuum cleaner (above).
  • Running the air purifier A LOT. Not that it seems to suck in much dirt, but the whole mini-disco coloured lights thing it does is kind of cool.
  • Going to the Art Gallery to see exhibitions of work by Diane Arbus and by local freelance artist James Hayden Fettes who did illustrations for local fashion stores in the 1940s and 50s – lovely.
  • Buying our last ever bottle of wine from our friendly neighbourhood Oddbins; it closed yesterday.
  • Enjoying Sunday brunch with friends.

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