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The Week I’ve Had (6th March 2011)

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  • An unplanned pub dinner with Steve.
  • A pretty book splurge on Fabric Remix, The Crafty Minx and Eat Me!
  • Trying to sing along to the Japanese subtitles on Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • Receiving not the two Zara Illustrates prints I had ordered but the two Zara Illustrates prints I had ordered plus a third one free!
  • Getting an 80% positive response from our neighbours about the chimney repairs (which means we can go ahead and have them done).
  • Making a cushion cover in my sewing class. Check out that concealed zip. Yeah!
  • Sorting myself out with some annual leave.
  • Eating hot cross buns.
  • Loving Charlotte’s ideas for making the world a nicer place.
  • Booking a plasterer.
  • Being wowed by Jonathan’s exhibition launch. I so want him to do a print of Steve and/or me.
  • Enjoying a fun, drunken dinner at the Athanaeum with some friends.
  • Clutching my head a lot the morning after.
  • Steve’s baby cactus bursting into flower!
  • And today the plan is to track down stone circles, eat in some out of town pub or other and squeeze in a cinema double bill (I Am Number Four and Unknown most likely). Happy Sunday everybody!

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