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An Aimless Saturday

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I’m feeling a bit bad about neglecting my poor blog; it’s too used to all the attention I gave it in February so now it’s moping around, trailing its stats on the floor. To perk it up a bit, I thought I’d fill you all in on how Steve and I spent our Saturday.

After an unpromising so-hungover-I-couldn’t-open-a-parcel-I-knew-contained-a-cookbook start, the day and I eventually got our acts together late morning. Steve and I decided to go to Provost Skene House for lunch. We were greeted by a smiley pepper shaker:

The House is almost 500 years old and was almost torn down in the middle of the last century – luckily sense was seen and it was turned into a museum (with all sorts of intriguing details coming to light during the renovations).

Our plan was just to go the cafe – it’s pretty basic food but the room it’s in is fab with low, vaulted ceilings and a section of glass floor so you can peer down into the cellars. But then I realised Steve had never been around the museum and, as it’s small and we weren’t in a rush to get anywhere, we decided to have a wander around.

As I’ve said before, I feel uncomfortable taking photos in museums – partly, I just expect to get told off for it (despite signs on desks stating that it’s okay!); partly, I think most exhibits lose their impact in pictures. I know it’s not practical for everyone to get to Aberdeen to see things for themselves, but I do think this stuff is worth saving for real life.

On the other hand, I love taking pictures of old buildings, so here are just a couple from the inside:

After the museum, we nipped to a couple of shops to get picture frames, Pukka Three Mint teabags (my favourite) and a couple of other things. Then we carted about two months’ worth of recycling to the nearest supermarket and about two days’ worth of food back home. For once, I left my camera at home (too much other stuff to lug around) which is a shame as I kept seeing things I wanted to photograph. Next time…!

Then tea and cake before dinner--and the plan is to watch City Slickers this evening, which Steve has never seen.

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