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Three Things 28th of February

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So, here we are: the final day of Three Things February. How did everyone find it?

I’ve had days when it wasn’t easy to focus on the positives; I’ve had days which were so uneventful I really had to think; I’ve had days like today when it was really, really easy – but over all I found it useful to spend a few weeks practising the art of looking on the bright side.

Anyway, like I say, I had masses of things to choose from today but (after quite a bit of amaretto; the bottle was almost empty; I couldn’t leave what turned out to be a rather large cupsized dribble in it, could I?!) here are the three at the front of my mind right now:

1. Fresh air! It was warm enough to leave the windows open and the air freshener which has been burning my throat raw at work has finally been chucked out.
2. Watching The Princess Bride with Steve.
3. And I’ve just logged on to find an email quote for chimney repairs waiting for me – it’s a third of the price of the other quotes because it involves that cherry picker instead of a huge amount of scaffolding. I’m full of the joys of not seeing how my neighbours could possibly object (so let’s hope that they see it that way, too).

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  1. 1. Making plans to meet my cousin, it’s been too long.
    2. The prospect of “stories” from my work colleague after her long weekend (she reckons I’ll despair!).
    3. Surprising a colleague by knowing all about her staff.

  2. Thanks for such a great idea, Sarah – I’ve really enjoyed joining in with it throughout the month. Caroline x

  3. While I don’t care much for amaretto I am really enjoying the warm colors of the photo and that print behind the glass.

    Just block off the bottom of your chimney and fill the whole thing with cement. Sure, you’ll lose a great place to trap and slowly starve birds but you’ll have gained a giant pylon that you can place a bronze bust of yourself upon.


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