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Three Things 26th of February

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I can’t believe February’s almost over! I think most of us have had days when we’ve struggled with this project, but I’m going to miss reading about the happy moments of everybody’s days come March.

Anyway, my three things for today are:

1. Donating all my loose change to the Maritime Museum. Steve and I went for a wander around it today (hence the photo of the boat; this sits by the Adelphi entrance) and spent ages peering at the ancient maps of Aberdeen, pointing out familiar place names and figuring out where our flat would be – but the best bit, for me, was dropping coppers into the donation box; the coins go twinkling down across a sloping glockenspiel, making the prettiest noise. I think the security guard was laughing at me… 🙂
2. Steve’s excitement about making loose leaf amaretto tea in our proper tea pot.
3. And I’m looking forward to slightly belated drinks for Kirsty’s birthday this evening.

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  1. 1. Champagne with the girls!
    2. All of us in our posh frocks for my Birthday drinks. Particularly loved El’s (and Al’s t-shirt!)
    3. Cheesy tunes in Club T!


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