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Three Things 25th of February

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1. Taking £20 out of my bank account at lunchtime (hooray pay day!) and going round a few charity shops. Not that I ended up buying anything but, after a couple of years of very tight finances, things are finally easing off; it’s nice to know I can fritter a few quid away if I want to.
2. Finally getting a mortgage assurance policy. Last time I applied I was considered too a high risk (because I had been given an ECG after fainting a few months earlier); it’s a relief to have it sorted at last!
3. Medicinal amaretto. I’m sure if I drink enough of it my sore throat will ease away.

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  1. 1. New dress finally arriving.
    2. Being accused of needing a home help to get ready to leave the flat ‘at my age’
    3. MakIng ‘training’ arrangements for prospective hangover period, ha ha, it’ll be a good one!


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