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Check Me With My Blog Award

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Thanks so much to the lovely Rebecca at Thrify Chick for calling me a stylish blogger! Flattered much? Oh, yes!

Anyway, the way this things works is that anyone who is tagged as a stylish blogger is supposed to list seven things about themselves which you might not already know and then tag seven other bloggers whose posts they particularly enjoy.

Rebecca’s already listed a bunch of the blogs I love, but here are seven more you should totally check out if you haven’t already done so:

Roniretro by Elinor – Truly a stylish blogger; while I stick to cliched vintage choices, she works corduroy and nautical cuts and pretty much anything else which takes her fancy and she makes it look good!
Cherrystones and Cwtches by Lola – Goes without saying!
Shopaholly by Holly – She writes so well.
Sparklesmith by Wooz – Such prettiness.
A Little Bit of Katyness by Katy – She also has a Steve.
Conversation Pieces by Zoe – Although she seems to be inundated with awards already!
And I’d like to name Paper Cut Panic as number seven even though she hasn’t blogged in aaaaaaaaaages. Consider this to be me applying the pressure, Kirsten! She’s one of the most stylish people I know and very entertaining so let’s all urge her to put her fingers to her keyboard once again.

Now for the difficult bit. Seven things you may not already know about me (this took me an hour and a half and several oatcakes to compile!):

1. The first piece of writing I ever had published was an opinion piece about armpit hair in Just Seventeen.

2. I do not have any of my childhood toys but I do have my dad’s old teddy bear, Tod.

3. I can’t ride a bike. Or skate. Or do anything else which involves combining balance with speed.

4. I was Aberdeen’s first female cinema projectionist since World War II. I was a little bit resentful of the second one.

5. Part of me believes that my kneelength, A-line skirt with blue swirls all over it really does cause bad weather.

6. One of the best presents I ever received was an envelope full of random buttons (thanks, Jill!).

7. I never, ever, ever read my horoscope.

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  1. gees Sarah you are always too lovely! thanks for putting my part time blog next to these awesome peeeps!

  2. ooh thankyou very much šŸ™‚ Sitting in here in my mahoosive woolly PINK slippers I feel extra stylish today. Do you still have the armpit hair piece? you should scan it in.


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