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Three Things 23rd of February

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1. Un-fished-for compliments on my designs (for work), photography (on here) and exhibition (with Lola. Which ends this weekend). I guess you could argue that that’s three separate things so let’s just say: feeling extra arty because of outside approval.
2. Buying a stack of magazines on the way home. I hardly ever buy magazines these days but sometimes curling up with a heap of them is a nice, relaxing treat.
3. An unexpected gift from my great-aunt.

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  1. 1. Seeing Marischal College in the daylight and realising how fantastic it looks all clean and shiny!
    2. The smell of wet cashmere as I was doing a handwash.
    3. The offer of a loan of a pair of trainers (size 11) and a couple of pairs of socks to make them fit when I needed some at the physio (I’m a size 4 :-)) .

    • I loved walking past Marischal every morning while they were taking the scaffolding down – it appeared over the course of about two weeks and it looks like a different building!


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