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Long Weekend: Glasgow, day one

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On Saturday morning, Steve and I travelled across a soggy Scotland to get to Glasgow. More stations should look like this:

I love this sign which makes me think of shy little cars peeping hesitantly around the corner and wanting to join in at the Glasgow Central taxi rank. While I was taking signs too literally, Steve pointed out this one:

As if there’s anything plain or ordinary about Glasgow’s architecture. As usual, I wandered around staring up at crenellations and trying to resist the urge to stop every few metres to take another picture (we had places to be, don’t you know?!); as usual, I came home with 122 photos, mostly of interesting (to me) bits of architecture and heartbreakingly decrepit buildings. Here is a selection:

I love the mixture of designs and styles of architecture in Glasgow.

The cutest chain coffee shop in Scotland?

I think this is Atlas. Because Steve said so. He looks cold.

I have a soft spot for this former Odeon cinema; I saw Jerry Maguire here with my dad.

This post is way too long, I know! Anyway, tired out from all this snapping, Steve and I went for lunch at Molly Malone’s, a pub in a former post office:

Then we headed to the hotel to check in.

This is not the hotel. It was just en route. In fact, it’s a Starbucks. But a pretty one.

This was not our hotel, either. This was the building across the road. In fact, we stayed in the Devoncove which, for some reason, I didn’t take a picture of. It bears the scars of many a stag do but had really comfy beds, powerful showers and a decent breakfast included. Oh, and it was cheap.

Now back to the random shots.

After checking in at the hotel, we headed to the Glasgow Film Theatre to watch Submarine. We knew nothing about it other than it was directed by Richard Ayoade (we’ve just finished watching every single episode of The IT Crowd so his name was reason enough) and that it was interesting enough to be included in the Glasgow Film Festival line up. It was wonderful. Highly recommended.

After the film, we went for cocktails and fabulous potato wedges (and okay other food) at Lost Souls, then decided to go and see Paul because we couldn’t think what else to do – it was a lot funnier than we’d expected.

And… believe it or not, there is an end to this post. And this is it. I’ll be back tomorrow with Sunday’s (slightly smaller) selection!

(photo of me by Steve)

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  1. This makes me want to visit Glasgow even more now! 🙂 I love the architecture pictures; I love looking up at buildings whenever I’m walking around. Great post.

  2. I love this post, all the pretty buildings have to be one of my favourite things about living in Glasgow, sometimes I forget to look up- but after reading this it’ll be a while before I forget to appreciate what we have here 🙂

  3. Just come across your blog, and it was so so lovely to see all these photographs of Glasgow! I lived there for 8 years from 2000-2008 and have a massive soft spot for it, these photos made me feel very nostalgic, thanks for posting them. Cx


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