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Three Things 22nd of February

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And a very happy birthday to Kirsten!

Today’s three things:
1. Sunshine!
2. Steve had the day off which meant we could spend my lunch hour together.
3. And this evening he has spent about an hour cooking a super-fancy dinner (at least, it involves stuffing mushrooms which is super-fancy to me) while I got to muck about with all my Glasgow photos. I feel so indulged!

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  1. 1. Our flights to France are booked 🙂
    2. Fun on the Swiss Balls at Pilates.
    3. Actually finding my way to Pilates now the class has moved (with some directions, that on paper made now sense, but once there worked perfectly!).

  2. Love a good stuffed mushroom I do, well done Steve.

  3. 1. Birthday wishes – one in the form of a Rob Ryan card.
    2. Birthday cake – complete with 10 candles (the bigger half felt 28 would be a fire hazard)
    3. And a birthday shout out on the blog!


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