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Long Weekend: East Coast

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I’m just starting to realise I took this weekend. To keep it almost manageable, I’m going to split them up into a few posts over the space of the week; here’s a nice compact one to start with:

On Friday, Steve and I got the train down to Edinburgh; we had just long enough in the city centre for a coffee before catching the bus out to my lovely cousin and her husband’s new house.

Of course, I managed to snap a handful of pictures on the way to the coffee shop:

And one from the coffee shop window; I was frustrated by the window glare at the time, but I quite like how the Castle is sat inside Steve’s shoulders.

This one was taken from the bus on the way to their house; they live on the very edge of town – literally, there is a field at the end of their very short street and it is not in Edinburgh – so it was a long journey and I soon realised why so many of Sparklesmith’s February three things involve staring into people’s windows from the bus! There are some beautiful homes en route.

We had a lovely evening of extremely garlicky food and Wii Fit humiliation, then woke up on Saturday morning to find that it was snowing.

One more bus journey later and we were waiting in the Waverley Station booking hall for our train across to Glasgow.

And that’s where I’ll leave you for now. The first Glasgow post is enormous and I’m still trying to figure out whether I can slice it into two…!

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  1. Love these pictures! Especially the globe and Waverley Station.


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