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Three Things 21st of February

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Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing my pictures and stories from our weekend away, but right now I’m far too sleepy to copy URLs or spell that many words. Here are a quick three things for today:

1. Sharing a huge pot of camomile tea at Vanilla Black on Sauchiehall Street; Steve and I were lured in about this time last year by the glittery meringues in the window and made a point of going back today.
2. Two and a half hours of reading and napping on the train.
3. Hot cross buns and 30 Rock this evening.

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  1. How do you find camomile tea? I’ve never really liked it, ever since I sold it in the motorway cafe where I worked as a student. (And we were good at tea make – 2nd in “Motorway Cuppa of the Year”!)

    • I used to think it tasted like shampoo, but when I was doing that conference at that posh hotel eating really rich food the whole time it was the only thing which settled my stomach; every time I feel over-fed or run down now I fancy a cup and quite like it.

  2. 1. A late Birthday card (that has a Unicorn on it!) from an old friend.
    2. A card waiting for me at work that JD made with Bingo Dabbers!
    3. Team banter at the AGM.


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