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Three Things 20th of February

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The final auto-post of my long weekend (expect a sleepy catch up message tomorrow!).

You know what? I’m not that bad a person.

I think sometimes a lot of us can be too self-effacing. We don’t notice our own strengths or, if we do, we don’t believe they’re of value to anybody else or that it’s polite to mention them.

Pah! Three Things February is supposed to make you feel happier in and about yourself, so today I’m going to celebrate three of my own good points:

  1. I love to learn new things. Even if they’re a bit scary. Especially if they’re complicated. I come with a healthy dose of enthusiasm.
  2. I would rather be kind than always right. I believe often friendship is about biting your tongue and offering silent support rather than telling folk what [you think that] they should do.
  3. On the other hand, I would rather research and form my own opinions than gurn along with the crowd.

What about you? What would you say that your strengths are?

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  1. Hmm, that’s tricky for this time of night so will give you my ‘regular’ three:

    1. My friend’s little boy learning my name!
    2. Thoughtful gifts and cards.
    3. Cuddles from some cute boys (age 1 and 3 before anyone thinks I got lucky!):

  2. Sometimes it’s good to look within, a good idea for a post next time my day doesn’t offer up any obvious happy thoughts!


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