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Three Things 18th of February

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Steve and I are off gallivanting for the weekend – yay! – but I’ve set up a few auto-posts to make sure you don’t forget me…Has anybody started to notice any themes to their daily three things? Has it made you think about your strengths or interests or ways of making your day to day life more enjoyable?

The first time I did this project, I was surprised by the results; I credit the three things thing with the following:

  1. Teaching me to enjoy food. For most of my life, I ate for want of a better form of sustenance. Neither of my parents was the greatest of cooks and nor was I. Food was an inconvenience. But then I started to notice cakes and hot chocolate and garlic bread popping up in my Three Things lists; I realised I did enjoy some foodstuffs and I started to experiment a little more and put a bit of thought into what I was eating. These days, I’m still lazy in the kitchen and I do let Steve do most of the cooking, but I appreciate what I’m eating so much more.
  2. Getting me back into photography and, by extension, general arts and crafting. I always loved art and I always wanted to be a good photographer but, once I’d created something, I didn’t know what to do with it. It would just lie around cluttering up my bedroom until I eventually decided it was rubbish and threw it out. Then I realised just how many of my Three Things were flowers and sunsets and vivid colours; I realised how important pretty and/or striking images are to me, and I made more space for them in my life.
  3. Bringing me out of my shell. I’m naturally a very shy person and was always prone to self-doubt, but spotting how much in jokes and unexpected texts and impromptu coffees made me happy really drove me to push past that. And the more I forced myself to pretend that my friends really liked me, the more I accepted that they actually do.

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  1. Yay! We love your pics, we love you and I was really into your earl grey cupcakes too 🙂

    • Er, that was Elinor, rather than me (teach me to leave the PC unattended…)

      (I hasten to add that I think you’re fab too, tho’.)

      Anyway, my 3TF has surprised me with what’s come up in quite a few ways:

      1) Far more things on music that I’d expect, what with me being tone deaf and all…

      2) Lots of food things too.

      3) Far less on the acquisition of stuff than I’d expected Consumerism isn’t as big a part of my life as I’d thought.

      • Ha ha! Well, thanks both of you!

        Number three – I was thinking much the same on the way to the train station today when I realised we’d been in Glasgow for a weekend and the only shop we’d been in was Forbidden Planet. And I ended up waiting outside after a while because it was so crowded – I heard a mum tell her little boy on the way in, “You’re NOT to touch anything, okay?” and him replying, “Okay, but I will be excited!”

  2. 1. Getting pampered today
    2. Lunch with DD
    3. The Fighter – I don’t really like boxing, but I liked this!

  3. 1. Getting a free makeover at the Benefit make up counter.

    2. Watching a video of a gameshow in Japan that involves kittens in casserole dishes (sounds a lot more sinister than it actually is!

    3. Celebrating a friend’s birthday after work.


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